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Web 2.0 has changed the world dramatically and with great excitement!We have social networking sites, mailing lists, forums, blogs – all these tools available to bring people closer and makes the world a lot more smaller than it really is. In Papua New Guinea, the popular networking site by miles is Facebook. I must say, for myself, my whole family is on Facebook, from some younger siblings aged 15 to parents. Everyone who has access to internet is sure to be on Facebook – knowing that people are always online regularly, messaging people is more effective then even through the mobile or email! Through such networking sites, forums and blogs, you are up to date with what’s happening in various parts of the world and even in your own neighbourhood on latest events – from weather, politics, to what happened 5mins ago at the local supermarket – just from status updates and posts. Business is also conducted through these sites and reading about people’s views on issues that affect us, on a political, local, global scale brings discussions to another level, where previously you only read and discuss amongst a few peers, now all it takes is: uploading an article or comment of interest and let the discussion unfold. At the end of discussions, petitions are taken up, views are heard through the media, interest groups are created and it becomes table discussion topics, at dinner, meeting friends, parties and with more people being a part of the Web 2.0 era – it takes one conversation to make people want to know more about it and to be part of all the hype.

With technology and internet now reaching to rural areas, we’ll be able to communicate with people in the most remote areas. Sites as Pulse Wire – where it brings together women across the globe, in some countries where others in other parts of the world have never heard of – its interesting to read and share what goes on in the different regions– to know that you are not alone with issues, some, where you will never read in the media, and if you do, it is biased or mis-leading or not very detailed. With Web 2.0, you interact with the writer and able to ask direct questions and share thoughts and ways to assist each other. A site in PNG is: www.pngmoms.com which brings together mothers of all ages to discuss and share topics of interest, their children, the challenges they face for those who work a full time job also and other interests such as how to start up a business brings empowerment for women. As a result of such technology, I am able to create a mailing list, a website and a registered association that brings together Professionals located across the globe, originating from my home Province, Manus Province, PNG to discuss issues on our province and how we can assist with its development. Web 2.0 definitely bringing people, young and old, near and far uniting the world as one.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


I love how the internet has become such a solution based tool for so many of us. It brings a sense of community to us, where you greatly illustrate this in your writing.

Hi ccholai:

It's great to listen to my neighbour's voice! (well... your country and mine are cross-border ^^,)

This is the positive side of technology :) And it's great to hear that internet is accessible at the rural area :) I'd be happy to hear again from you. Perhaps, an internet project at the rural area :)


I was glad to read your essay. You provided a lot of information and examples to help your readers. I appreciated the use of the image, but I would have liked either more explanation of the relationship of the image to the essay, or an image that illustrated the essay. This image contrasted Web 1 and Web 2, which was not the focal point of your essay. I would like to read more of your ideas of how to empower women with Web 2 and how the ability to hold "electronic" conversations would unite people as one. I see these conversations as showing our individuality.

Your essay reflects a great deal of preparation and thoughtfulness. Thank you! Again, I look forward to reading more of your words.