We dream a marvelous dream. We show up on bridges across the world and we bridge our minds to our hearts. We show up and we bridge a million hearts.

We dream a marvelous dream. We show up and we ignite a new kind of power. One that has been perceived as weak, but that is proving to be more powerful than anything we’ve ever known.

We dream a marvelous dream. Except that we know it’s not a dream. Our souls are wide awake!

On March 8, 2012 as thousands carried signs of peace to the tops of bridges as part of Women for Women International's Join me on the Bridge campaign, we also carried a new awareness into the world.

Imagine the world if young girls grow up with a sense of meaning and a knowing that the gifts they have to offer are worthy. With an inner and outer freedom to imagine and create new ways.

Imagine young boys growing into men with their feminine capacities un-compromised. They will be able to hold a holistic view of life; they will begin to use their minds in service to their hearts.

These are the children who hold the blueprint for our future societies.

It is not a dream- these children are telling the story of our potentiality.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to International Women's Day 2012.


Carrie really beautiful & powerful!!

Totally agree... we can make it!! Truly we have to change things, but in one way it is not so difficult, if we come to the core and get the right solutions, the really working ideas so we get it!!

Let's Go and make it!!!!

love & peace


p.s. hope you saw our pictures and little movie... imagine if it is powerful that I forgot my shame and I spoke through the louder ;)

nuria g. puigarnau



Nuria, I just watched your movie- it is really beautiful! Congratulations on bringing together your group on the bridge. I love your enthusiasm and fire! blessings and love to you, Carrie