“Even if at first an inspiration is so great you don’t fully believe it, act on it anyway.” -Barbara Marx Hubbard

Dear World Pulse Sisters and Brothers, Why do you log on to World Pulse? Is it because you want to create social change, you want to contribute your voice, your gifts? Do you wish to change the world?

Me too. Sometimes though I get stuck in the old paradigm, and I want to see all the steps laid out in front of me. I want to know exactly how to do what I want to do! But I have learned a new way- to listen to my heart’s deepest desire and trust that with each small step I take I am headed to a most unimaginable place- a place where ALL my gifts are used for the creation of more love in the world.

What is your dream for changing the world? Whatever it is, you don’t have to know HOW. Just listen. Take small steps. And one day you will be doing that which right now you can’t fully believe!

I wrote this as a reminder to myself, and maybe it will nourish you too as you sit still and go forth changing the world:

I do not know how to write a poem. The words they wait, faithful Like the trees and the tide The sun. If only I had the faith of the sycamore Remembering that the poem comes through the ease and the unease, the joy and the pain, the all. The answers I’ve been seeking are carried not on the intellect. They travel along some secret stream, glide over rocks gurgling to the song of the cicada. I do not know how to do what I want to do. The world it waits, faithful If only I could remember the way the soft grass hugs my wild and precious self. Benevolent woman, Benevolent world This is how I will come to do what I do, Benevolently


Right after posting to my journal, the PulseWire survey report came & it looks like yes, we are inspiring one another to create change & we give each other confidence through our shared feedback---

"World Pulse is successfully uplifting women’s lives around the world and enabling them to be empowered by others. The top recurring themes were: increased confidence from receiving positive feedback in the community, and a sense of increased inspiration from reading others’ stories. Nearly 60% of respondents said that they were inspired to take action to create change in her family, community, or nation."

What a beautiful poem and reminder Carrie Lee! Thanks for sharing this and taking your small steps.

Together we are stronger. Together we are doing great things! In gratitude, Scott

Scott Beck

Hi Scott, Thank you! Yes, small steps. Until out of nowhere, sudden leaps. Thanks to you and the Pulsewire community for supporting the whole process---small steps and giant leaps! Warmly, Carrie