In 2007 I resigned from a job I held for 10 years. My resignation was borne out of unbearable marginalization, suppression and oppression. I didn’t have alternative source of income. I had an urge to start a disability organization, which I believe will provide a platform needed to assist individuals overcome challenges. I started the process, ploughed all my savings into the rigorous registration process but no success. I became frustrated.

By October 2008, I lost all courage and self- confidence. I was depressed. I questioned the essence of my life – a life of poverty, loneliness and joblessness. I was bottled up with emotions and trauma. I had too many questions based on personal experiences which I needed to voice out but had no space. I was voiceless. I had access to neither computer nor internet. I was a shadow of my real self.

December 2008, I was employed Director of Programmes and Projects by Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Nigeria. One day I read about a web-based organization where women interact and get solutions for issues that bother them. I quickly joined in 2009.

Joining the Pulsewire was a launching point for my professional and personal life. I used my own voice to boost my confidence. Expressed my experiences through posts to my journal, I received comments which re-awakened my commitment to the cause I stood for, the cause of justice and equal treatment for the marginalized. From around the world, motivations and inspirations poured in! I was poised to speak out the more.

In 2010, World Pulse interviewed me for a position of Community Board member. I was not selected but was closely connected to this community which brings women a global voice. Encouragements received from Worldpulse team reactivated my life. I was connected to Cynda Collins Arsenault, a pulse wire member who volunteered assistance that enabled my training at the Women’s Human Rights Institute. Now, I am knowledgeable on women’s human rights issues across the world and on the use of UN CEDAW to fight against violence on women. I confidently teach human rights to women in my organization.

I registered the Divine Foundation for Disabled Persons, a charity organization which provided a platform to accomplish my dream of providing empowerment programs to persons with disabilities on the basis of equality, justice and respect. Come October 1 2011, Busayo Obisakin a 2009 VOF Correspondence will join Divine Foundation to impart training on Life Skills to 10 women living with disabilities.

I desire to be well-equipped and be a strong voice of change. I see myself a woman with a leadership responsibility. I work to transform lives of persons, especially women with disabilities. I am on a journey of faith inspired by World pulse to fulfilling a vision of contributing my treasure, talent and time using web 2.0 to speak out for change needed to free global women from oppression, suppression and discrimination. I see the VOF training providing me with the desired empowerment.


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Thank you for sharing your liife path with us, Celine.

Sometimes it seems unbelievable that a simple PC and an Internet connection can change a life. Although I've been here for a while, I've seen how serene these women are. I believe you when you say this community has boosted your self confidence. This group is something that enables us to see qualities and talents in ourselves which were only to be found, but they were there.

Be proud of yourself, you made it despite adversities.

with all my respect and support


Thank you my sister.

Indeed I did not realize the much I could go until I joined this online community. Yes, we all have qualities and talents which we need to discover and tap. With collective efforts, women change the world for better!

Cheers dear Maria.


Hi Breese,

Thank you for stopping by to read my writing. I also appreciate your work. You always make salient information available to us.



Dear Sister Celine

I particularly admire your decision to work with women with disability: the most vulnerable of all. If I look at my country, the concept of disable friendly infrastructure or policies are still alien, though we are sending spaceships on a mission to the moon and have developed nuclear weapons. It shows how low our priorities lie when it comes to people with disability.

And here you are , reversing the table, showing to everyone how to prioritize issues.

Much love and luck!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Dear Stella,

You are absolutely right. Majority countries of the world hardly make disability issues their priorities. So far I know, America and the UK are leading in walking their talk on disability friendly infrastructures and policies. In developing countries, lack of policies, jobs and access to properties subject disabled women to the level of 'poorest of the poor'. Non governmental organizations are not helping matters.

We will keep raising our voices until they hear us.

Cheers dear sisiter Stella


Hi Celine,

You are such an inspiration. I always enjoy reading your posts. I admire your determination and streength of purpose. Keep writing.


A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Hi Celine,

You are such an inspiration. I always enjoy reading your posts. I admire your determination and streength of purpose. Keep writing.


A candle looses nothing my lighting another

My Sister, there is no giving up. I am directly involved and will continue until we see changes.

Please, do you know A. K. Dube of South Africa (African Decade for Persons with Disabilities)?

Thanks for your kind words.


Dear Celine

Dube is a surname that you will find among the Ndebeles in Zimbabwe, the Shanganes in Mozambique and the Zulus in South Africa. We are all descendants of the great Zulu Tribe which was originally in South Africa but fled when one of the leaders of the Zulu tribe Shaka Zulu became a tyrant. So if I trace the Dube's in South Africa I would find our great great great great great grandfathers shared blood but now we do not have the connection anymore.

Best, MaDube

You are a wonderful woman celine, I am so proud to have meet you. Big Hug

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion ~ Simone de Beauvoir

You represent in all totality, the truth that there is ability in disability. Many people will agree with me that every individual has at least one form of disability. I don't see disability as an issue that should be judged only in physical terms. Disability could show up in various forms. It could be emotional, mental, intellectual, economic, social, political................................I could go on and on. Disabilities become of no effect when we make the choice not be limited by them. Celine you made the right choices and you are waxing stronger by the day as you project those choices. Of utmost importance too, is that you are helping others make the right choices, which is overcoming whatever tries to put them in a box. Thank you for being a role model.


We will surely meet by His Grace! Be rest assured that i look forward to meeting you and give you loads of reserved hugs for making the best out of your voice power. Keep speaking, the world is listening.

We will surely meet by His Grace! Be rest assured that I look forward to meeting you and give you loads of reserved hugs for making the best out of your voice power. Keep speaking, the world is listening.


There is so much you have to teach!! I am so thankful that you are here and that I may have the opportunity to learn from you and the other amazing women on WorldPulse... You have pefectly articulated my experience here as one that has strengthened and made safe my conviction to women and women's rights! Thank you for helping me to recognize that!

Much light and joy to you today!


"I am the flicker, flame, butterfly ablaze who wants to fly in search of mythical rainbows beyond the rain." ~ Ana Castillo

When true life stories are shared, it inspires others. Keep the good work you have started going; you are on the right track

Mrs May Okonkwor (Teach a Woman How to Fish) Founder/CEO Skill Development Foundation For Women and Youths (SKILDEV)

Dearest Celine,

While I've been a bit silent the past few weeks, I have been reading your journals and others in the community and my heart is bursting with inspiration and re-awakened to the power of what our global community has become and continues to nurture - a network of support, of friendship, of encouragement and possibility. Together, we are re-defining the world and making the change that we envision. You are a big piece of that inspiration and a true leader for women and people living with disabilities to claim power.

Lots of love to you sis, Jade

Dear Sister Jade,

I am overwhelmed with joy reading your comment. Indeed Sister, I am always re-awakened to possibilities by your usual words of encouragement, inspiration and motivation. You and the World Pulse team push me on and I find myself claiming power and doing things I initially thought were difficult. I will ever remain connected to the World Pulse!

Hugs, Celine

Dear Celine, This is incredible! I was so close to you and yet does not know much about you. I never knew we are in the same jouney on the voices of our future. I am greatly inspired my your story. I hope both of us will make it at the end. It is well with you Titilope Akosa

Dear Celine, I have read your story!You are a new inspiration to many of us..Very good job and always keep your spirit high....!!

With all my support and best wishes.. Rakiba

Great post, Celine! I am so glad WorldPulse has influenced you so much. We all have our hard times and I am so glad to hear you got through it and you seem stronger than before! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and good luck with VoF! You're voice is beautiful!


I sincerely appreciate Worldpulse for the influence on my personal and career life, and you dear Sister Kaitlyn for your encouraging comment.

Thank you!


The faith you demonstrated in leaving your job which was not fufilling your desire to make a difference is a great model of perserverance, strength and love for humanity. I trust that you will shower yourself with love and gratitude that you recieve on these pages. You are deserving of the best as is everyone for whom you work!