It's a girl! It's a girl!! Woe to me, it's a girl! The crying and the worries start from the day the little one comes into the world till the day she is handed over to the next 'caretaker' - the husband.

My country is home to a great many numbers of murderers and abusers of females, and it's acceptable. A baby girl is killed, the stress levels of the family automatically come down, and onto the next pregnancy for the eagerly awaited son. A daughter is sold to a family, and oh we're are so thankful that you have taken this burden off our hands, here take some more dowery, we deserve it, for bringing into this world a 'girl!' A woman is slapped around by her husband, all for her own good, to keep her in check, after all she is his wife, his property.

Patriarchy commands - You the lowlifes, bow down to me. You deserve to be tramped upon, extinguished, if I please.


Hello Charu,

Thank you for sharing your piece.

It's harrowing, the patriarchy. It defies explanation or reason. It's so distressing. All of these precious girls, and precious women, who don't know their worth, strength, power, beauty...

Your contribution reminded me of this inspiring little video clip I got in my inbox yesterday from One Billion Rising (, about women rising up together, joining each other to demonstrate against gender-based violence by DANCING.

I love it when Eve Ensler, one of the directors, yells to the crowd "I love, love, LOVE being a GIRL!!" Here's the clip:

Let's work together to end the patriarchy and make a world that joyously celebrates the birth of each precious child, boy or girl!!

With love,


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hi susan,

i totally agree with you. Until we don't come together and stand together things won't change. Loved the clip, thanks for sharing.