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"Are you at the party?" I asked my son. "I want to go to a party" he said. "Where is it" he asked. "It's already here, ask the tree and sun about the great celebration already going on" as he walked out the door to go to school this morning. I heard to sit and watch a birthday tribute to a spiritual leader in America named Billy Graham. He spoke of unity and how we are all light. I also heard his son say that you can not be taught to preach, it's Divine working through you to share. I don't know what is in store for me in the upcoming months. I see those that love me suffer with fear about not knowing. I appreciate that joy is just on the other side of that breath I take. I spend from 8:30 to 10:30 each day in contemplation, in healing and in reverence to the connection that I feel. If the choice is suffering or peace, I choose peace. It takes seeing that part of me still afraid of the harm that some have done in speaking and trust the integrity of what I know as I move on. Love & Light, Cheryl Rask


After 4 years in a relationship on and off again, I closed that door and thanked that relationship for being a part of my journey. I truly felt ready and able to move forward. In the middle of drinking my coffee I heard to leave, I hear intuition. I drive home and leave my scarf and umbrella in the car, I figured I wouldn't be home long with that choice to not take my stuff inside. I use the restroom and sit down to write and the door bell rings... I didn't know who could be at the door in mid-afternoon, do I really answer the door or not. To my surprise, it was him, he didn't know where else to go on the day he was laid off after working at that job for over 20 years. Today I stopped by unannounced a couple of times to show up and be there. Like I said "I choose surprises"... what a gift each moment is to enjoy. I find that by serving others I am improving in functioning and energy. Remarkably I was able to do things today that I haven't in years; it's life when moving in the direction of your heart path and you enter a timeless state where anything is possible.