“VOF week three- Blogging a youthful form of media”

Coming from a low income country the greatest challenge that I face to blog is the cost. The way I understand blogging it needs constant touch with the computer and access to the internet. This in itself is a challenge since access to these facilities remains a luxury.

The second challenge that I face as far as blogging is concerned is the social value and perception that forms of social media like blogs have in my society. Blogging like other forms of social media are regarded as targeting a youthful audience therefore people still don’t regard it as a serious form of media. Blogging is a relatively new concept and it will take a while until when people in my country embrace this form of media. Because of this attitude it is quite hard for most people to visit blogs. Consequently such blogs even when they raise important social issues that are relevant, the debate they generate is low or no debate is generated at all. Therefore it almost feels like you are talking to no one.

Another challenge that I face to blog is the technical know- how on blogging. One is tempted to almost think that bloggers are technologically advanced individuals and that to blog your are required to have knowledge and computer skills. These people are also thought to be knowledgeable and up to date in current affairs.

Lastly having read a few blogs one thing that challenges me the most is the lack of censorship and self regulation. Blogging represents highly opinionated individuals who have the space to express themselves. This is a big departure from traditional journalism that I am used to as an individual. While bloggers and the public alike have a chance to comment on other peoples blogs you almost feel limited in your commenting since this is an individual’s free space.

The best way in my opinion to overcome these challenge is to strive to change the attitudes and perceptions of the people in my society. I think it will be important to show that blogging is not a youthful concept rather it is a an excellent means of expressing one self and communicating important and pertinent issues that affect an individual.

Another way is to ensure that individuals with no access to ICT are given a chance to access such devices at low cost prices. Apart from ensuring access to ICT it is also important that computer skills are imparted at all levels of education. In future it is important that as a country Malawi should strive towards ensuring that the cost of ICT is lowered even further to ensure that all people have access to computers and the internet not as a luxury but as a necessary tool of communication.


Because of the informal nature of blogs, blogs are not taken seriously.I think blogs and the internet technology as a whole and everything it has to offer is still not understood in the continent! And you cant blame this oldies and mid oldies if no one has ever taught them,shown them, or spoken to them about it how do you expect them to get it! Alot of these people just happened on technology they have a functional understanding of things, if I want to do this press here and this happens.Rather than an actual understanding of the technology that is this is is this and this is why you do this to achieve a certain outcome.In the event that this happens you would go about tackling the issue in this or that way.

Rather than try to retrain old school journalists to this new way of communicating, I would suggest getting new independent thinkers who are trained to multimedia story tell.There is a place for print journalist,tv journalists and new media journalists and one should not be expected to cross over!

i agree with you to a great extent, there are some oldies though who have embraced blogging whole heartdly, i have read interesting blogs by Farai Sevenzo a Zimbabwean Journalist and Victor Kawonga a Malawian. it really depends on the level at which a person is. I hope as AFricans we will soon embrace this technology and use it!

This is a great post. You bring up many challenges to blogging, which hopefully can be overcome in the future. Good luck as you work to promote and change the attitudes of blogs and social media in Malawi and the rest of Africa! :)