Web 2.0 is so amazing and the possibilities are alarming. With the opportunity it affords to connect people, it affords a great networking platform that educates, informs and exposes the world to events hidden in the depth of the hearts of suffering women. It gives great hope as it channels others with similiar passions, view, experience and compassion providing a shoulder to cry on and hope for the future. This creates an avenue for global development of varying issues. I have met wonderful great people in Worldpulse and few others and learned a lot.

Web 2.0 exposes me to a whole new world.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the possibilities of web 2.0. You have brought some wonderful articles to us in the past, engaging us with your stories from the front line. I'd love to hear more about how you feel web 2.0 can fuel the women's empowerment movement? How can women use it to further their vision and causes? Women have suffered terribly from the corruption and culture of abuse in NIgeria. How can web 2.0 help women overcome these circumstances and empower them?

The power of words whether written, oral or expressed can change a course in time. With Web 2.0, I get to express all of these in different forms but with one heart beat and similiar pulse all over the world. Empowerment is only established when the mind is free from mental slavery. In Nigeria, women are devastatingly affected by all bad economic situations even when they should be shielded, they are blamed. This brings about low-spirited women that are easily trampled upon. Communication to the outside world via Web 2.0 is like a ray of light penetrating the darkness, giving rise to a will to live and survive all circumstances. Thus the beginning of women enlightenment. Encouragement, empathy, compassion and love from fellow women that feel their pain, having gone through such and survived leads to confidence and a zeal to impact greatly. Each individual have a lot to offer and networking using Web 2.0 affords a great congregation of people not only with authority but power to effect change.

Thus, resources to achieve change are sort after and support put into the work.

Missions are carved to enforce the vision in each woman's heart that once bled for change and change is achieved by collaboration with individuals and organizations that foster the massive awareness of such initiatives.

Web 2.0 is amazing as it is only a view of what can be achieved through the passions in our heart fused to the world by different media.

Chinyere Mma Okoh

Pharmacist, Rotarian.

Dear Chinyere~

YES, endless possibilities can emerge with the power and access to web 2.0. I hear and feel your passion to give voice to the women in your community to be empowered to create powerful change needed in difficult times.

Curious to hear IF women in your community have access to technology and web 2.0. Is there a need for access and education for women to use technology like web 2.0 and other forms of social media? If so, is this something you envision to help jump start and build a strong network of women with strong, beautiful and resilient hearts no longer silent but pulsating to create change.

Thank you for lighting the fire and leading the way! I appreciate your compassionate and beautiful heart. <3

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Thank you so much Linda. I feel that the view of events world wide can really be expanded with greater access to Web 2.0. Thus more voices will be heard globally with striking and shocking events revealed. Think of a world where access to Web 2.0 is easily gotten, then our voices will rise as one in combating any slight issue that scars women world wide.

Nigeria is in high need of Web 2.0 and this will go a long way in turning the table to our advantage.

Thank you.

Chinyere Mma Okoh

Pharmacist, Rotarian.