About Me: I am a young widow but with determination and zeal to learn and experience more of life from advices, support and words from other women around the world. Have special passion to see that widows are taken good care of in all parts of the world and allowed not to be humiliated or marginalised.

My Passions: To help my fellow widows in any little way i can

My Challenges: The big heart and encouragement to start

My Vision for the Future: A widow with a difference

My Areas of Expertise: Self Growth and Development through Training and Professionalism


Dear Christiana,

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Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

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Quite appreciate your reponse and warm welcome from you Fatima. I hope to really learn and grow from the wealth of knowledge i hope to receive more from this global community. Warm regards. Xty

Dear christiana,

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