I can feel the gap already. It started with not seeing Scott's Week.... Is up. That served as a reminder to me that my classroom experience is over, and it really was an experience. Wordpulse, Scott, Rachel you have raised a champion, see if anyone can stop me now!!! To the 2011 Voices of our future applicants I say thank you for being so amazing. Thank you for sharing your challenges, your triumphs, your strenghts and even your weaknesses. Thank you for being brave enough to face the world head on and fight for change. You are my inspiration.

Its unfortunate I did not have enough internet access to fully benefit or fully participate in all the debates but this was a learning experience I will not be forgetting anytime soon. Thank you and good luck with all our visions. WE ARE THE VOICES OF OUR FUTURE


we can not allow this to end but simply must look at this as part of our journey!!

Ellen Rosner Feig Assistant Professor, Composition and Literature Carl Wilkens Fellow, Genocide Intervention Network/Save Darfur