This is really a group which should really be active with all kind of great ideas. I have realised young girls are looking for people to look up to. I have been geting alot of feedback through our Website with girls wanting to have a Mentor or a mother figure. The girls need a forum where they can express themselves and feel appreciated. To all our group members, How can this group be lively and a source of information which can be passed on to the young girls? We do a monthly visit to the young girls and this can really equip us to mold the Future Leaders. Lets keep in touch. Wish all the Mentors well. Comrade, Consolata


I agree with you. There's a huge generational gap that has grown over the years. Young girls lack mentors, they're longing for someone to talk to them and show them the way, advise them, as our grandmothers used to do. But I've come to realize women are becoming grandmothers at a young age, mothers are too busy, don't spend enough time with their daughters to get to understand them and bring them close. This is what led me to come up with Mentoring mothers. We have been going to schools and have had all manner of heart wrenching stories from young girls. It is unbelievable, what young girls are exposed to nowadays. All ideas are welcome, lets make a difference, lets bridge that gap and raise a generation of responsible young women! This will, as you say, help us mold better leaders, mothers, for the future!

All creative ideas are welcome! Lets make a difference together!


Terry Shiundu

Terry,I will only say Asante sana ( Thank you so much) for this great thought. You have come up with a really strong group for our girls. I really appreciate this thought since we have been doing it without any thought. As I said earlier, girls call on us trying to get a solution of their problems. They want someone to listen to them. Someone to walk along with them. Now I believe with our frequent communication we will come up with ways of bridging the gaps our grand parents used to play. A thought, different Topics to be discussed among the group members. We can also do matching the Mentor and the young girls to be mentored. I believe this will also see most of our girls benefit from this group. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Consolata


Thanks for starting this group. I would like to have information on how to obtain free resources to start a group in Uganda. Thanks for your sharing spirit.

Hi dr. Edonna, I am happy that you want to start a mentoring group in Uganda for girls. Kindly let me know exactly what you are looking for to ensure that i give the right information. Regards, Consolata


Consolata, Ashoka’s Changemakers, in partnership with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, are accepting applications for the online competition "Champions of Quality Education in Africa". They are looking to innovative teachers, administrators, professional networks and education organizations in Africa to find promising practices that improve learning at the local, district, and national levels.

I think Woman's Hope would be a great candidate for this competition. Entries due June 3rd. Best wishes, Janice

Hi mpendwa. Uko aje? ( how are you) mimi salama sana ( i am well) I had Not seen this great post. Let me check it move on fast. Hope it works darling. Be blessed and we are really waiting to meet you over here. Cant wait. It is like a dream You are most welcome.

Mimi wako

Dada consolata