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Today is a great day for all the mothers globally. I wish to extend my warm hug to each an every mother. We all have experienced that moment of carrying a lovely gift from God. We can Not take it for granted. I am so proud being a mother of my three children who make each an every day count in my life. I wish all Mothers a lasting love to their children. Just incase of the missing link with any of our children, we pray that the Almighty may change each an every situation. He is able. We commit our children and husbands unto God for His continued blessings in our day to day work.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Comrade, Consolata


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the world! You deserve to feel special on this day even if you can not afford to celebrate it in style. Being with your children and letting them know how much you care about them will go a long way to fostering their sense of self worth and seeing your children growing stronger makes you feel complete, too.

A special hug to all the mothers whose children are at war in the world, may the Goddess grant us all peace and to bring them safely home!



Maria, Thanks so much for remembering the children who are at war. We entrust them to our heavenly Father to oversee them each an every moment. May He cover them with His Blood wherever they are. Mothers lets Celebrate each moment of our lives knowing that God loved us so much that He has given the best gift which is the pride of each an every Woman. Motherhood!! We remember our dear sisters who are praying for this gift that the Almighty bless them and give them their desires. Nothing is impossible Trust in Him and your wish shall be granted. Sisterhood, Consolata


Consolata, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day in celebration of being a role model for your three children but also an inspiration to so many at Woman's Hope. I was so sorry to hear about your cousin in Darcey's journal. This emphasizes how important and vital your work is with Woman's Hope, as you are helping women reach their potential and learn to empower themselves by not relying on a husband. It is a slow process in a country where women have traditionally looked to their husband for support but I know that as each one walks through your door, one more will feel empowered to stand up for herself.

You might like to connect with member, Paper to Pearls, a micro-enterprise in the US working with women in Ugandan internal refugee camps who create beautiful jewelry for the organization to sell. Perhaps some of the women you work with are producing goods that Paper to Pearls may be interested in selling. You can find them at:

Also, take a look at the group, Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM), working to empower women in rural India. They have engaged over 3000 women in a credit and savings program to foster economic empowerment and gender security. They do not have a journal to respond to but there are email addresses at the end of the post so you can contact them directly. They seem to have very solid strategies and plans in place to help the women in their area.

An economist, farmer, and activist, member Chetna Gala Sinha is the president of a micro-enterprise development bank and works for change in some of the poorest and most drought-stricken areas of rural India. I think it would be good for you to connect with her as she could advise you on what strategies may work for your area. She can be found at:

And lastly, please connect with Sunita who started a women’s saving club in her small village in Nepal. She did this on her own and so would be able to provide advice on how to get started when you have little to begin with. She can be found at:

Please keep me posted if any of these connections help you in any way. I applaud all the work you do and my prayers are with you as you nurture and guide the women towards empowerment. Best wishes to you, Consolata. Janice

Janice, you are certainly a darling. The information you have posted to me is wonderful. I am going to look at each of the women enterprises and I belief I am going to learn so much from each one of them. I have gone briefly before replying to your post to have an idea. I will keep you updated on my findings. As a Womans Hope Director and a mother,i feel really challenged by the action of the a mother killing herself and her children. What a sad story? I pray that there will be something we can do to alleviate them from all this predicaments. Thanks so much for the informtion,it couldnt have come at better time than this. My head is rolling on all kinds of things we can do to empower the women especially in the rural. I trust God has an answer for this.


For anyone looking for a meaningful and unique gift for Mother's Day, I just came across the Inter Pares 'Take Back the Day' Campaign. The campaign is focused around bringing Mother's Day back to it's original meaning and features a fun video explaining the topic. The money is donated to benefit organizations around the world, helping with poverty and injustice.

Inter Pares, The social justice non-profit organization has created personalized e-cards to be sent out with a special message for your mom!