I learnt about Pulsewire through Leah Okeyo. She read our Womans Hope Magazine ( online) and she couldnt wait to call me. I couldnt wait to join such a great networking group since I had just started Womans Hope Trust which was to support disadvantaged girl/woman. I knew I will be able to share my views with other women and also learn from them, around the world. I have since learnt so much.

Through Pulse wire I have met people I couldnt have met in normal circumstances. The friendship and ties are so tight in this Network even if you have never met.Thanks Janice for the great thought. Long live my sister for giving women a chance to interract even though very far apart and share their challenges world wide. I have really grown as a leader through World pulse since I also had a mentorship session with Judith which changed my way of thinking. I had won on a post for the best project for women; on Biogas. It is sad it didnt go past the paper work due to financial constrains. I am still hopeful that one day I will uplight the women who have to carry heavy loads for firewoods on their backs to feed their families. I greet all at the Conference. Know that we share the same passion and we will miss to be there and hear what women have to share.



I am so glad to greet you back!

But most of all, I salute you and the gals from track and field in the Pulse, SOLE SISTAS. Did you know you guys changed my life? I was so shy to even admit I needed to work out, and then after you gave me the strength, I began a new life where working out has a big place.

Thanks sister, I really appreciate your support, your dilligence and love towards this unsporty person, who now works out like a pro!

Hugs dear Consolata.


Jacqueline PatiƱo FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

I feel so honoured. Its really encopuraging reading this post. I feel you edear. When you start working out you feel so great inside yourselve and you radiate beauty. I can almost figure out how beautiful you look. Keep up and bring back the fire we once had. Lets bring more Sole siatas to this great group. Hope we sweat it out for the needy girls.

Love sista, Consolata


Consolata, it's always a joy to see your smiling face. I wrote an email to you but it came back. Could you please email me with your current email address so that I can resend my message. Thank you.

You were one of my first friends on PulseWire and so always hold a special place in my heart. I hope this note finds you and Shiku thriving, and hope to read more about Womans Hope's progress. Best wishes to you, Janice

I am glad to see your smiling face too. Know what? Your photo makes me feel like I have known you for ages. You radiate a special warmth in my heart. I am happy that since we started as friends you have held me close to your heart. Thanks so much for the encouragement you have been giving me. I treasure them always.

Thanks Sis for your special Love. Sista Consolata


Sasa, We uko vipi? Me I am well. I trust all is well with you. I have really missed you dear. Kindly drop me a line.

Love sista,



Habari za masiku? Trust you are well. I am good. I have been waiting for your email. Cant wait to hear what you have been upto! Rafiki mpendwa,

Sista Consolata


My dear Consolata, I wrote you a couple of emails, last one was like ten days ago. So many things to share with you. Email me please I am also try to visit Woman's Hope online but it doesn't work, I wonder why, All my love Ara