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Every new year brings new hope. 

Many start to think of how life will change by making resolutions and making promises before the year ends only to be forgotten and broken before it even begun. Well at least that was me many years ago, and many so years ago I stopped making resolutions I have no intentions of keeping and eventually decided that new year and also birthdays are not anymore about me but others - sharing myself and what I can to those I think needs something I can give. 

My work exposed me to many challenges people meet in their lives including those from where I live. Since I am always traveling, I don't have much insight on the situation of my neighbor, so I decided to do what was easiest for me to do - start a one-day feeding for children under 5 and invite friends to join in by sharing things they can including their skills. 

So ten years ago I coined my project and gave it a name - Isang Bata, Isang Tasa which translates to One Child, One Cup. Inside the cup, we provide them a fortified meal of Arroz Caldo - a traditional Filipino dish which I packed with the goodness of Moringa leaves and Squash, chicken and eggs. Some friends donated vitamins, toys and other gifts and a tradition was born. 

On our 7th year, two of my doctor friends donated time to check up children under 5 and prescribed medicines given to them by their reps. On the 8th year we gave out slippers to the kids, and last year, our 9th year we held it outside my village for the first time. It starts to get bigger and bigger, and I hope this year we can make it more meaningful by sustaining the project to support children suffering from malnutrition. That would mean more support financially, technically and time but nothing is impossible, right?

For now, here's my wish list would be 

  • Funds flow in to feed more kids and start nutritional support to at least ten children in my village (or the next)
  • Mobile medical and dental clinic to start them healthy 
  • More toys 
  • More volunteers - teachers, mothers, nutritionist, those who wants to be with kids, looking for something to do on the weekend etc. 
  • More children under the age of 5 participate 

That would make my (our) birthday month truly a happy one.

Would you join me celebrate?

How to Get Involved

You can send support in kind or cash if you want to participate. If you're in the Philippines and close to where I live, you're welcome to volunteer and help with the organization of the day!

Send me a private message, and we can continue our discussion. 

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Hi Coolasas,

I love your story and your Isang Bata, Isang Tasa project. Where is your project? It's great what you are doing for those children and I love the momentum that you are building. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the project. In the meantime, good wishes for your wish list:-) May your cup be plentiful for these children:-)

Thank you for the words of encouragements. 

IBIT  is happening in my village here in Laguna, Philippines. What started as a one-time deal with the family, it became a regular thing, and every year we look forward to it. I rallied my friends, and they too got on board and started supporting the cause. 

Hopefully, by next year, we can make the activity more sustainable targeting those the nutrition issues and support them in a more long term care until the family is ready to take it on their own. 

I hope you will join me in this endeavor until the coming years. 

Good day! 


I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. (Invictus W.E. Henly)

Hi Coolasas, Your idea of One Child, One Cup is just wonderful! What a great way to begin thinking of these children's needs, and actually meeting those needs on this special day. This is probably just the beginning. This raises awareness of their serious needs, and I can see the project is growing. Thanks for writing about this issue and your project. May you continue to expand it and provide good nutrition for the children of the communities.

Thank you world care for the words of encouragements. 

I would like to see this through until I have made some impact even in my small village -- time and funds are of the essence to make it successful and that is something I don't have much at the moment but in God's time everything will fall in place. 



I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. (Invictus W.E. Henly)