My vision is that we women from around the world have a safe and open space to talk and plan our future. Web 2.0 is the place. It will allow us to promote ourselves in the context of our lives, we will make change work for us by us because we will use our voices to make it happen. I often wonder what exactly can we describe our relationship with money? is there one? why is often the case that women have little access to their own money...we lack assets and wealth...we usually invest in others rather than in ourselves.

I find that social mores, credit economy, globalization and violence are threats to our own creation of wealth. The monetary system of lending does not have into account that at times women do not have property rights, still we provide for food and our manual labor goes unpaid. We need to change this. Women's labor is worth for them and their families. In Africa as in the rest of the world women invest in their children education first and lastly in their needs. There is no financial inclusion to ameliorate for example a health emergency. Financial inclusion is a problem that need to be "visualize" in the social media; we need the Web 2.0 to accomplish this goal. We will share ideas and solutions to the why, how, when this is still the rule. We are raising awareness and creating connections at the global level to make change happen for all of us.

Web 2.0 will give us an identity at the political, economical and social level with world outreach. Women's financial issues are similar in Colombia, Mumbai, or Harare: disadvantages in wealth attainment. By creating an unified chorus of questions and by looking to shared solutions we will have the power to manage our destinies, lives, and worth. In addition, visibility and majority in numbers and in gender will make our advocacy easier and effective; less dictated by outsiders. We need Paul Freire spoke of "concentizacion" or acknowledgement of our place in the world, how our social political context affects our lives and our choices. Time to change this.

Writing my first post is empowering, just writing it in English my second language is empowering. I want change for all, financial women exclusion concerns me greatly; it is unfair and unjust. I want a movement where similarities are valued and our differences respected. My voice and the voice of my online community gives me the energy to delve even more into this issue, why not? Let's create together our technological world accessible to all!!!!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


Dear Cplevia09:

Thank you very much for your lovely essay. I am so impressed how you presented your issue as questions, then answered them, and then explained how web 2.0 can make things better. Then you got personal again, and your voice enthusiastically called your readers to join with you on your mission. It touched me how you brought in the way that your issue affects women similarly in different parts of the globe ~~ in essence you are already engaging your worldwide community in your embrace.

Just one minor point: Freire's first name stays the same in English: Paulo. I need to get some of his books. He is such a revolutionary social and educational leader, and I don't know enough about his vision.

I am empowered and enthused by your call to action across the world community. Well done.

By the way (btw !!) I am a listener for your essay.


Anna aka OneinMany

Speaking my Peace

dear anna thank you so much for your kind words and your suggestion; dear paulo must be laughing histerically that i americanized his name!!!! adelante!

Claudia Patricia Leiva

Hello Cplevia09! I, too, am one of the listeners for your Week One Assignment. I really enjoyed reading your journal entry and sharing in your excitement to participate in Voices Of The Future. You made an excellent point when you said “women have little access to their own money…we lack assets and wealth…we need to change this.” I believe one of the most effective ways to empower women in underdeveloped countries is to get more money into their control. Your writing is inspiring and shows you truly understand how to harness the power of Web 2.0. I especially liked your comments…“Web 2.0 will give us an identity at the political, economical and social level with world outreach” and “By creating a unified chorus of questions and shared solutions we will have the power to manage our destinies”…which reflect a positive vision for the future. In your next three assignments I would encourage you to share more personal experiences as an underrepresented voice, as well as examples of your leadership abilities so we can learn more about you. Keep up the good work! Your friend, Valerie

dear valerie thank you for your feedback!!! it has been a profund experience verbalizing women's issues in a second language. my vision pertaines that to some extent women from the south and north become literate in financial matters. i have lived in usa for more than 20 years and still through my work i can see that lack of financial knowledge affects women and their families specially the survaivors of domestic violence!!! adelante!

Claudia Patricia Leiva

I ma so happy that you feel empowered by writing your post, that doesn't only illustrate your words but the voice of so many of those who have been silenced around the world. Web 2.0 is an amazing tool because it does tend to empower us by unifying our hopes, dreams, and goals. I can't wait to read more from you and believe me, the more post you write the stronger your voice becomes.

Warm Regards, Carri Pence