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There is a plant that grows up in the Titicaca Lake known as Totora. Sometimes it is two metres high, and peasants cut it. It is generally used to build totora boats, hats, small boats and small figures. Peasants enter the water to cut it and use donkeys to carry it to their homes.


Your photos are so beautiful, Cristina. I look forward to catching a glimpse of your world when I log into PulseWire and see new photos from you.

Thank you!


Yes, I remember this plant as well. I remember seeing the Totora boats and even a floating island in the lake made of Torora reeds. It's amazing what uses one plant can make and what an impact it can have on the daily survival and lifestyle of those who harness its properties.

Beautiful pictures. Your photography takes me back to your land, your people and the spirit of your country.

Cheers, Jade

Totora has a lot of uses in rural area. It is used to cover the roofs of the houses for example. I don´t know yet the floating island in peruvian side but I have seen some pictures.