Last year I had to face an unforgettable situation far from my country. I was in a meeting and I need to send an email but most of the people had laptops. Although I didn´t know how to use that type of computer, my need to send the email was stronger than my lack of knowledge. Such a small machine made me feel very nervous. Sliding my fingers to move the pointer, touching the keys was challenging for me. I think it took me half an hour to send a email. From that time up to now, I didn´t use a laptop again. To face new situations is always challenging, mainly if they are related with new technological tools. ¿A blog? ¿What does a blog mean? ¿What could I do with a blog? were some questions in my head. Changing the traditional format in some pages, adding color to the text, uploading pictures, video or music, are some of the topics which I think I don´t use as properly as I would like. Although I have asked about this, many answers were “You have to learn html”. If I can´t change the appearence of a text, I keep it as it is. When possible I can use pictures. I think I have to learn how to use new tools, try to find somebody who could help me. Situations are different. Here, most of the people use an internet cafe to send their mails or blog. Fort he moment, I use what is available but I will be happy to learn more about blogging.


I loved how you described your first experience with a laptop. I also really loved the line "my need to send the email was stronger than my lack of knowledge". You took this one experience with a computer, and made it very powerful with your words.

In this assignment, I would have liked to hear more about future solutions to overcome your challenges to blogging.

Great work!


Thank you for your comment. Although there are a lot internet cafes here, in general the connection is slow, so, that is a technical limitations not only for me but also for other people who blog. One would like to do a lot things to improve blogging but they are not always possible in the context where I live. I have to adapt to what is available. I need to receive training which I hope I can find in the near future.

Kind egards, Cristina

Hi Cristina,

I enjoyed reading your post and liked they way you described your first expereince with using a laptop as it was presented in a way that allowed all of us to relate to you and the experience. I think you are an inspiration to women who want to use the internet or a new tool for the first time as you overcame a barrier and express the desire to continue learning. I hope that you will be able to tell us more about your plans to find someone to help you.