my heart is still groaning after hearing about the sinful act toward an innocent boy. The news was like a spear piercing my heart. I couldn't image how five able bodied, normal men would face themselves on a five year minor boy and for what purpose.

The incident was reported on monday by muvi Tv. The mother of the boy in tears narrated the story. The boy went to a toilet out side and thats when five men grabbed the boy and sodomised him. The five men took turns in sodomizing the boy..Blood and some condoms were found where the whole act took place. The boy has sustained serious injuries on his private parts and is defecating involutarily due to the infliction caused on him..

For sure men have become lovers of themselves and don't care about others as long as they satisfy there desires.. we are yet to learn whether these men were arrested or are still on the run.....


This is a horrific incident. Unfortunately, in our world it is not unique.

My love goes out to the boy and his family- and everyone in the community who is facing this.

In love and sisterhood,


lets pray for such family and speak out for the injustices that surround innocent children and their mothers.

thanks for your comment.

with Love


the guilty shall be severly punished. This is too much, its like the world is losing its purpose and slowly taking into insanity. Such criminals, rapist should be punished for such acts.....

Hope you are great, I haven't heard from you for a while.

with Love

Dear friend, Thank you for posting. this incident is not only taking away child rights, but entirely causing a great deal of mental and physical trauma, leaving the child in a gloomy world. I pity the situation of his family and the state where it took place. I expect that the laws within the state strictly punishes the evil doers of this incident so that it does not repeat ever again.

Bhagya jojo