Whoa! This is the first time I am writing something on bogging;

From my own perspective, the challenges of blogging are that it requires a lot of time. And as a blogger if you have limited time, then this will definitely mean you won’t manage to respond to each one of them on time, especially if you have a large audience. For example; kuku works as a nurse at the same time owns a business, she is a blogger who is committed to offer counseling on line through blogging. But because she has a lot of things to do and limited time, she is not in a better position to respond to every one on time.

At times my challenge as a blogger I receive a lot of anonymous and fake messages by fake people who hide their identity. Language becomes a barrier to blogging in the sense that a lot of people may come across your profile but since they are unable to read and understand the language you use, then they will not participant. Lack of access to internet, not everyone can access internet and hence they will miss out on important things.

If you are a blogger and you don’t have enough time to blog it is very important to identify Co-bloggers who have common goals with you so that during their free time they can assist you to share and answer some of the pending issues. And the other thing is that if possible you can find people who can interpret your article to other official languages such from English to French.


Hi Dando --

Thank you for your entry! Yes, it's true how much time blogging takes, and there is so much else in our lives that draw our attention that sometimes it's hard to know what to prioritize. Co-blogging is a great idea! Also, I think we all share the time demands in our lives, so please don't worry about a delay in responding to comments and posts. And especially when access to the Internet is difficult, as I would imagine it is in Zambia, delays are expected. But your voice is powerful, your story compelling, and I encourage you to tell us more as your time permits.

Warmly, Patricia

Hi Dando,

I really enjoyed your post. I think that you discussed the very real barriers of blogging and liked that you brought up the issue of language barriers. Your solutions of co-blogging and translation are great and inspiring ideas as they are realistic and will certainly help empower more women! Please let us know more about your co-blogger ideas and how you would go about setting this up.


thanks for enjoying my Post,

Pulsewire is composed of women from all over the world who at least share similar or common goals and visions. My idea for co-blogging is that , first set up a blog website, identify pulse wire members interested in blogging who then become co-bloggers by so doing you are forming a team. This will help you manage time, give each other days or hours to share and answer questions posed by the participants, come up with a simple password so that each team member will be able to login . Luckily some of these women are privileged to speak two or more languages, hence interpretation can not necessarily be a problem because some women can join as interpretors so that we reach out to women world wide. By the way I am not an IT specialist and I might not know how to set up a website for blogging but am sure I will learn more and how to set up a site on pulse wire.

Regards Dando!