It is almost a month since the health workers particularly nurses went on strike and the republican president has not yet commented on the matter.

The situation in different clinics and hospitals has worsened as patiently are turned down and those fortunate are been attended to by student nurses and some doctors. In a recent development, the Zambian union of nurses signed a 15% salary increment during the negotiation that they had with management and ministry of health. The nurses have refused the 15% and not resumed for work. In Kitwe nurses wore black cloths protesting that the current union be removed, the nurses claim that the union did not inform them about the 15% but instead signed the agreement. Although the nurses have been urged to go back for work by the union, the nurses are still demanding for good condition of services which will also include 1.5 million kwacha met for houses allowance, uniforms, night duty and many more services. One of the affected Lusaka residents phoned in during a radio program narrating that his neighbor who was suffering from diabetes passed away because instead of been given an injection, a student nurse gave him paracetamol (panado).

The minister of health has appealed to nurses to go back to work because they (union) had already signed a new collective agreement. And Government spokes person has urged the nurses who do not want to go back for work to resign. Citizen from all over the country are calling on the Republican President to intervene in the matter because a lot of people are losing their lives.


Dear Dando,

Thanks, I will continue to ask everybody to beg African leaders to forgive African citizens, if in one way or the other we have offended our majesty lords; Africa leaders

There is no way anyone can lead right if there is no passion for the led. Our leaders are deceivers, if they had told us earlier during campaigns that when elected they will become dealers who will deal with us ruthlessly, who will vote them in power?

Cn you see why our youths fight endlessly, can you see the genesis of WAR in Africa, people are dying and our leaders are not moved by our death.


Hospitals in developed countries should close their doors to our leaders and their family members whenever they come for treatment or check up, they shoukd visit striking hospitals too. A time will come when we will place our future in our own hands, we die everyday, NO WAR BUT VICTIMS. May God forgive these heartless leaders if they change.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

you are very right, our Leaders care so much about them selves when voted in power, instead of fulfilling what they promised. I thinks sometimes it is useless to vote because we can't see any implementation. Like in our situation, when leaders are sick, its either they are flown to London or South Africa for medical treatment but a mare citizen like me is expected to go to a local hospital which as at now has limited number of workers and may not even be attended to. thanks,

with love Dando

Dando, thank you for informing us of this situation which obviously can become dire in a very short period of time. I am interested in knowing what your views are on the situation. Do you feel the nurses are justified in striking and that the Government should accommodate them, or do you feel that they should honour the agreement the Union signed? How are nurses viewed in Zambia? Are they valued or are they working under hardship and deserve better working conditions?

Well the situation is really bad, like I mentioned in my article,Although the doctors are back to work, student nurses are the ones attended to the patients in various health institute. To start with nurses live to do service to humanity everyday of their life, in Zambia I believe they are valued by the people they serve, but I don’t think they are valued by the government, because their condition of service are very poor. For instance in most rural areas nurses do not have proper housing and clinics in many of these areas do not have electricity or any generators. I can give an example of my aunt who is a nurse and lives in rural areas. She is the only qualified nurse working in that area and there is no electricity, no ambulance at her clinic and she uses a motor cycle to go and see patients in her community. Although these nurses do very hard work their salary is very poor such that they can’t even afford to rent a reasonable house. The government has limited accommodation for nurses as well. I feel that nurses are justified in their striking. Last year the ministers salaries were increased, this year they are talking about mid term gratuity for ministers but why can’t they increase nurse’s salaries by 1.5 million instead of a hundred thousand they are talking about. I am behind the nurses and I feel they should not honor the 15%.

with love Dando

Dando, I so appreciate you expanding on this as it gives me and everyone else, greater perspective on the situation. We are so removed from conditions in Zambia and so it helps me understand the daily struggles of the nurses and barriers to working effectively. Sometimes, it seems that so little can go so far yet money so often is allocated based on greed, corruption, distorted market forces or inefficiency. Even here, the people in service industries, such as health and education, are valued far less than the financial agents who brought the country down. Please keep us posted in the situation and let your aunt know that we are holding her in our light.