It was not until I saw our very own natives displaced, did I realize how little we have access to our own land.

Land is the most precious gift given to mankind. It is the same land which contain the dust that mankind is believed to have been made from and returns to. The land bears fruits and crops which builds mankind in all sectors of society. But land has lost its significant due to the challenges which surround it.

Approximately 45 years ago, the land of our nation was liberated from colonialism. It is now approaching two years since a native group of people were displaced in an area they had lived since independent, It was really sadden to see the people who had lived on that piece of land for so long leave it for an investor who had come to enrich himself.

Although land is the most important and expensive thing to hold, nowadays few citizens especially women have little or no access to land. As women our challenges are many.In rural areas when a woman is married, she moves to her husband’s land. Customary law protects a man more than a woman, when the husband dies or they divorce, the woman loses out in accessing the land.

Without land there could not be us but without access to land there is no development. Hence the need to make land available to all especially women.

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Dando, it is so wonderful to hear you speaking out on this issue. Sometimes, just the idea of "owning" land seems incongruous to me as how can we own something that does not belong to us. This land is for all and we are all stewards of this land. However in saying that, I realize that this egalitarian idea is rejected by the majority of peoples and is only implemented in communist countries which bring their own challenges to this issue.

Land is now a commodity, something to control and use to wield power. And for women to have an equal voice in society, they need the right to own land, to control their destiny and to be able to provide for their families. As you said, we need to make land available to all. Janice

my apology for taking long to reply. Thanks for your wonderful, educating comment. I agree with you on land become is now a commodity, something to contro and wield power. Actualy as am writing this, a lot of land issues are happening in my country. some political cadras are given free land. these cadras are suspected to be from the ruling party and are busy selling the land to make a living out of it. The same cadras even make people to evacuate the land they called is so disturbing to see how politicians are using their power to deprive people of their rights.

Let us continue campaigning and speaking about Land.

with Love

Dando, I would like to encourage you. As I note in my story about Svetlana Katynova and the Altai people, sometimes successes are possible. Do you know if Zambia is a signer to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? If so, you may have some immediate recourse by contacting the UN Rapporteur on Indigenous Issues. Such an appeal may or may not work, but you can only gain by trying. In the process, you may also make have an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of women's land ownership to the health and stability of your communities and society. And if that doesn't work, strategize both internationally on the internet and locally, and try something else. My heart goes out to you!

hear from you carol. Thanks for your suggestion. I will get back to you as am doing a little research to findout whether Zambia is a signer to the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous people. Although it should be because it is also working to achieve the millinium Developmet Goals.

thanks till then

with Love.

Dear Dando, It would be great wouldn't it if we could all have rightful access to our own land? It appalls me how many investors use land to make money without attending to the needs of the communities around them. This brings to mind for me the common land laws in England of many years ago. As more and more pieces of land got bought up by investors and others to enrich themselves, it became necessary to apportion small areas of land, called common land that all people had rights to. On this common land, anyone was free to walk, to graze their sheep and in some instances, on what is called allotments, any person may also plant their own food for a small fee. I wonder if this idea might provide some sort of a solution for your country as more land is being taken away from the communities and women who need it. Tina

taking time to reply well as urbanisation continue to expand in my country, more land is been taken from the citizen. In rural areas, it is actually the chiefs who are incharge of the land and allocate to the people. but as the investors continue to come, these people lose out of land because they don't have title deeds of the land. I think there should be collaboration between the chiefs and the councils so that all the rural citizens are given ownerships before the evacuate people from their villages. I like your idea of common land. I will try and search if that is been implementated in our country.

thanks for your wonderful comment.



The right to ownership of land is a big issue especially for women in may countries. The traditions as well as laws are not in their favour. The fact is that the odds are against women, which means more effort is needed to work on these issues.

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


I agree with you Nusrat. And I thank world pulse that it has brought up this issue of land. by so doing we can all find start a campaign and bring about the solution. by the way sorry for replying late.

with Love

I agree with you Nusrat. And I thank world pulse that it has brought up this issue of land. by so doing we can all find start a campaign and bring about the solution. by the way sorry for replying late.

with Love