Bill Gates once said, “the Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. Indeed, Web 2.0 has become the platform where thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas are freely expressed, and where the art of communication and networking has evolved.

Once upon a time, people would trek across the deserts of Arabia and the mountains of China to the feet of a learned one to receive an education. Knowledge of current events relied on word-of-mouth or hand-written letters that would take up to 6 months to reach its destination. Nowadays- regardless of where one is in the world- having access to Web 2.0 can quite literally mean access to the entire globe and its inhabitants with the click of a mouse.

Web 2.0 has no boundaries; it’s availability is not catered to a certain age, race, religious group, or lifestyle. Rather, it is available for anyone and everyone, regardless of whether one is 18 or 51, a Muslim or a Christian, Ethiopian or Japanese, the CEO of a large company or a stay-at-home mom, and male or female. This is essential, because the global women’s empowerment movement itself is made up of a colorful quilt of women from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. The global women’s empowerment movement indeed moves and flourishes with the essential help of Web 2.0, for it provides solutions to the problems and barriers that would be present without Web 2.0. The Internet is indeed the platform that provides the tools to fundraise effectively, build connections and gain supporters, and perhaps most importantly, raise awareness.

At the age of 18 and a student majoring in Political Science, my aspiration in life is to become a journalist so that I can address issues in my community and around the world. The tools that Web 2.0 provides are most definitely empowering for me; as the typical youth that has an account on every major social networking site available, it is empowering to know that I have a vast network of people that I’ve met –through school, journalistic projects, volunteer activities, and simply having similar interests- that I can rely on to support me and lend a helping hand when raising awareness or fundraising for a cause. Also, in a world where it is policy makers and top officials that make global decisions, Web 2.0 allows youth- who are often underestimated and play a rather important role in society- to voice their opinions and make a difference locally or globally; it is this type of freedom Web 2.0 provides that empowers me to strive to make a dent in the global community.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


Welcome to the World Pulse community! I enjoyed reading your essay, your style of writing is easy to read. I liked your metaphor of the 'colorful quilt of women...' who make up the global women's empowerment movement! You seem to know what you want and what you need to do it, such as web 2.0. I wish you much success on path as a journalist, and am sure you will help to empower women worldwide. I look forward to reading more from you.

in peace, Beverly

Hi dbudicha!

I just read your post and must tell you that it is excellent! Very well written and I really love your writing style. You are very talented and encourage you to write and post as much as you can! You have a lot of talent and are a natural!!