Web 2.0 is a door ajar…inviting us. A window cracked open letting in light. It is a farm where our voices grow, an ocean of undiscovered life. It is a new form of communication. And how often does that happen? Hardly ever. It brings out the artist in the business woman, the curiosity of the bored and the intimate power of shared personal experience from a world abuzz.

It unites us across boundaries of time and distance. It educates, in a word.

Women are natural communicators. We will overcome our technology shyness to contribute our stories. I love stories “from on the ground”, from women’s personal experience. And my friends do too. Let those who don’t write for a living give life to their experiences at Worldpulse.

For me, I will contribute my thoughts... deduced, moulded and spun into useful tidbits of descriptive information…reporting on my travel journeys, my observations and conclusions. I will add my hum to that of others, and we will grow together. God willing. And how often does that happen?

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I enjoyed your descriptions ‘intimate power of shared personal experience’, excellent!

“I have to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage and be kind.” ~ Cinderella

Aimee Knight


for responding to my post. So good of you. And what a surprise for me when I saw your message this morning. Truly we are all one soul and shared personal experience reminds me of that over and over.

Reading your piece, I felt that you effectively illustrated the fact that employing a unique platform like Web 2.0 is not only inclusive and relevant, but also very necessary. By using poetic language such as "abuzz" and "hum", you have created a very powerful and beautiful vision of a global collective voice.

Although you allude to the potential unification and "education" Web 2.0 could create, I would be very interested in learning more about this. Therefore, I encourage you to expand on this important point by describing specifically how this might unification and education be achieved, as well as what you believe that would look like.

Great work!


Hi Catherine - I just noticed I did not submit my reply to your post. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I so appreciate it. I think we can never have too many sane, thoughful, non-judgemental voices "out there". My thought is I will try to be one of those voices. I will write about everyday personal stories and, in reporting them, highlight themes such as "our interconnected world", the "nature of politics", "how did we get here? (to this point in history)". Since I learn through hearing personal experiences from others, I believe many other people do too. Thank you very much, Deb

Hi Deb

From reading your piece - there is no doubt in my mind that you are a poet! Your choice of words is wonderful - I just wish I could read more about your vision of how you see Web 2.0 empowering women and how it is/will be affecting you. I encourage you to dig deeper into this.

Thank you.

Your feedback is wonderful. Thank you. I believe if my clearly stated story is relevant to the reader, they will find a clue to their empowerment. Personally, I enjoy, and profit from, feeding on the raw material of 'actual life' which is knowledge of how other people define and solve their problems and how they share their experiences happy, sad etc. So my vision is to communicate clearly - accept feedback - provide feedback and literally build a new communication experience for all those participating. I will think more about this in the days to come. Kind regards. DKS

Hi Deb,

It sounds to me like you have a lot to give through the written word. You are clearly energetic and ready to take on the womens' empowerment and the world. But I'm left wanting to know more. What's your issue? How will you take the "raw material of life" and translate it into something actionable through Web 2.0?

Looking forward to reading more of your work, Jessi

Dear Jessi - Thank you for writing. It's always so exciting to get feedback from an interested reader! Well at this point, my action is in the reaching out for connections. It may not seem like much. But in my view it is a fundamental action in itself. I take this action with purpose and intent. I, like so many western people (in particular), am profoundly dis-connected from the earth and from people around me...isolated. Consumerism, busy-ness, and a complex life no longer fills my soul's desire.

For me, using Web 2.0 (ie "many-to-many" communications) is the equivalent of rekindling awareness and fun, the equivalent of walking around the village to visit with neighbors. It is grounding, insightful, real. Sharing stories IS the action. I understand your question to be "so what am I gonna do about my issue ie climate change, corporate rule, women's rights, poverty, war" etc. Well - my issue at the moment is WE NEED NEW STORIES.

On my personal journey, this is my first step. Ideally it will lead to a regular "blog column" where I build trust with my readers through my travel dispatches, offering my personal story and the stories of those around me. Real stories. Real problems. Real events. No judgement... just good everyday fun (for westerners they might like to hear about the frog that jumped into the water pipe in a remote village thus cutting off the water supply for 2 days. Or chatting with a 15 year old bride. For other readers, What is working in America really like?) We need new stories!

THANK YOU for helping me gain clarity and encouraging me to write more. Many thanks, Deb