I am shadow of the land!!! Wherever the land goes, I find myself following it.
  • I am shadow of the land!!! Wherever the land goes, I find myself following it.

I would have never realized about the value of a handful of mud if I hadn’t left my country, Nepal. I try to remember the instant right at the departure from my country, I had cried. Was it merely for the feeling of being apart from my parents? No……then why? The perfect answer is for being isolated from the land—after all it’s my motherland.

There is a chain of respect, love and gratitude between the land and my heart. So, when one end of the chain is cut off, other will be affected. If somebody tells me about any places of my country then my reaction will be as if I have visited those places even though I have never been there and they belong to me. This is because my birth land gives me the right to own it and I can proudly say, “It is mine.”

As I introduce myself to some land of Bangladesh, I found myself in a great illusion because not only my motherland, I began to love this land also. In all the way, land is my incarnation of the future because I am going to mingle with the land after my death. Have you ever realized from where the food you eat and the water you drink come from? Think once and then you will be acquainted with the immensity and greatness of the land.

I follow the land wherever I go. This is to say, I am shadow of the land.

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I love your thoughts on land. I can sense your connection and roots to the soil that is your earth and life. Thank you for sharing these words about your world...


I like that image. It seems light and thin. I sense your wisdom by your description of leaving your land but then beginning to love a new land, too. I once held the hand of a woman on an airplane because she too was weeping about leaving her land (Tonga) for an unknown land (U.S.). Your story reminds me of her and I wonder if she has found a new love like you have. Thank you for your words! Marlies

Hello Marlies,

I am sorry for the late reply because I was sick from few days. Talking about my story, it may be common for anyone who leaves his/her country but its true. I hope the woman you talked about will obviously found a new land.

With kind regards, Deepti

I understand and feel the same way about my Land, New Zealand. It is rooted in my soul even though I no longer live there and have come to own a piece of land upon foreign soil. I have learned to love this land too but my heart is entwined with the land of my childhood. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I hope we will hear more from you. Janice

Hello Bahini, Ma ta yekdam khusi chhu timro post padera(I am so much happy after reading your post.) Finally you have submitted your post. It's really powerful. Now I understand why do you feel homesick at AUW? Huuum, All the best dear. I cannot wait to read your others post.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

HI di,

Thank you so much for your comment. Of course homesick for the students living abroad is common but it is just for a few starting month. Now I can also cope with the disease, homesick. Once again thank you very much for your encouragement.

With best wishes, Deepti

It's so nice to read your wonderful and powerful post. The love of motherland can never be forgotten. It's the part of our life. But at the same time, we need to move along with time to do something for our motherland. We have lots of responsibilities and duty towards our country and as whole world and human beings. Its really nice to hear the love of the motherland that is emerging from the corner of your heart.

With love and regards, Seema Kumari Shah