It’s true and safe to say that I’ve grown up with Internet. Since my early adolescence I’ve seen the technology of this form of communication emerge and transform, even long before I could ponder on what it meant to have access to all and to be able to reach all.

It seems the web has advanced much faster that our capacity to reflect upon these changes. I heard or read someplace that evolution has been building up the way pyramids do; each step or layer being exponentially smaller that the one before. In that sense the universe took God knows how long to form, life took billions of years to emerge, species took millions of years to evolve, humans took thousands of years to proliferate, societies took hundreds of years to organize, industries took tenths of years to build and technology has taken months to permeate; mainstream and outwards.

For me, the web has made all available and all possible and depends, as all instruments do, upon the intention with which I used. Everything can be searched and published. Every voice spoken, everyone connected. The web is the practical expression of a deeper and forgotten truth: we are truly all connected.

Web 2.0 has brought to light was has been non-the-less true since the Dawn of days: Women are key in the expression of the world’s reality and fundamental for the resolution of conflicts of gods, powers and men. We know the life-force and experience it within. “Gaia as I awaken, you heal. As I heal, you awaken”.

I sometimes feel that these insights come from my higher self, and that as I write I also listen. It is not a thought I feel I create but one I’m certain I tune into. The challenge is what I do with this info? Do I ‘spam’ it? if I have something to say I also have the responsibility to act accordingly.

I try, with intent. It’s all I do, and hope. I hope in me and us all, and that whatever we do everyday contributes to the change I wish to see.

Seems the shift in this pyramid and into new days could take, well, days.

Nothing is yet written in stone. We are all needed.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


Dear Diana,

I have to admit that your title confused me at the beginning but reading through I really liked your metaphor. You writing is authentic and honest.Wish we all contribute to this "pyramid"

Warm regards, Aida.

Hi!! I found the title of your post most interesting and began to read it….slowly towards the end I understood the complete sense of it! Great post! : ) I also like your use of words and expressions. I really enjoyed reading the post…and yes, it would be revealing to see how differently we can interpret our actions and modes of communication in this new light…. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Cheers Manvitha.