The natural flow of thing led me to World pulse. I’ve always believe that not only everything happens for a reason but that all that has happened led me to being where I am now. And I’m good where I am now; creating were I and all will be tomorrow

I had never been or heard of this initiative before VOF, but I too felt the voices of woman getting stronger worldwide. Women are the force behind creation and are reclaiming that power! God has always been female in energy and much can be read on matriarchy and early societies. The Goddess is awakening. Woman can trace back by a single line to the first woman: a woman born to a woman and so forth and back.

Early on my story I started feeling I was different, I had a very clear impression of how things were, but when asked to the grown-ups I mostly got lies. If I spoke my truth I was reprimanded. Serverly more when I insisted. I could take, specially my father, out of his boundaries, but also knew how to manipulate him into getting what I wanted. I had control. I was both light and shadow. Not sure how to manage all that was within.

In my college years I started really thinking, looking back on how life was shown to me and how I thought life was and what purpose mine could have. I took many beliefs out. I rewired to new thinking, my point of view updated, cleansed and own.

In cords theory physics reality is a hologram build from the co junction of all of our individual visions. We have been sold a vision that doesn’t permit and supports our growth. Only in knowing one’s vision can we form a reality that unites us all. That is the purpose of letting our voices be heard. It is not my voice that really matters but the ability that something I say might have in awakening another’s.

That is what I try to do. I haven’t tried even to unite a group, or help in any tangible way, and although I really admire the people that do I feel this is what I’m here to do. I talk, specially to strangers I cross roads with. I look them in the eye, and try to recognize them. Try to know their interest and maybe try to say something that may trigger something else in them and for them. It’s for their truth I aim my work. And that is also my vision. If I can inspire something good in another, my purpose is served. And if we all know and do what we must someday there will be heaven on earth. I believe.

In Lake’ch: I am another you.

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Thank you for sharing this with us! There is a lot to react to in your story here. I especially like how you draw on your own personal life, world history, physics... it's very interesting to read.

Also, I must say that I am moved by your insights, on a personal level. I LOVE the idea of sharing your own truth, with the vision of serving another... triggering/awakening their own growth. I've never really thought of things that way, but it resonates with me very strongly. I am glad you've "rewired" yourself and your thinking, and plugged into the PulseWire community here!

Walking with you, Scott

Scott Beck

Your story opens up the connections between our women's natural intuitive energy and the interactive internet, like World Pulse and Web 2.0. Perhaps this is the new mythological Pandora's Box opened at last, and our voices united will shape our shared future!

Kathleen Abood

Hello, Diana:

Your words and ideas definitely have a flow to them, similar to what you explain about your interaction with life and with cords theory. You (and the baby) look so happy ~~ it sure seems to be working for you. Your theory certainly inspires hope in me…that if enough of us can develop and expand love and protection for all creation, then that can have more influence than the overpower-the-others or the get-more-than-the-other-guy flows.

Your writing is so fluent, and easy to read and understand. It sounds like you want to be real and to be fully present with the people you come into contact with. (Me, too!) And it sounds like it’s working. Way to go!

Please know that the delay in hearing from me (a listener) was from an unexpected medical need on my part – nothing to do with you. Thank you for your thoughtful essay.


Speaking my Peace

Thanks Anna! I was wondering if listeners reveled themselves as such, cause i was wondering who mine was! jaja thank you for taking the time to reading my posts, will you be reading my 4th week post too? I get self concious because i know my writting can sometimes, well fly to far of the ground level. I was very happy when i read my theory can inspire hope!

I can't way to reading your posts!


hello, Diana:

I believe you have more than one listener per post, and they do rotate us around writers, to keep the diversity of perspectives going, and probably to reduce the possibility that a non-supportive match could produce an inappropriate result.

one thing -- is it is good to be sure and address the topic and have a strong vision.

Being ungrounded might work for your vision, but you might want to show a diversity of style... like ground it with specific examples, or with something else grounding.

best wishes,


Speaking my Peace