About Me: I am passionate about education and conflict resolution. I believe education is not only a source of survival but a way to end conflict. Education helps us learn and understand people of different backgrounds. Through education, we can negotiate and bring about a common understanding. Education teaches young adults to become independent thinkers giving them the platform to "speak out" about important issues. Educated communities will able to question their leaders and hold them accountable. A Somali proverb high lights the importance of education "Aqoon La'aan Waa Iftiin La'aan" translating to without education there is no light. Education will be the light that brighten the lives of Somalis living in the gloom corruption, tribalism, and extreme Islamism. It will enable them to take their country back, hold tribal leaders and members of the parliament accountable.

My Passions: Education

My Vision for the Future: A world where school aged children have access to education

My Areas of Expertise: Education, Conflict Resolution, public speaking, diversity training


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