Ce mantin sur laroute principale de la ville de Bukavu, non loin du bureau des services de Contributions, deux filles voulaient traverser la route. Une dde ces filles hesitait de continuer pendant que une autre avançait et se trouvait déjà de l'qutre coté de la route. Un chaufeur de taxi ayant vu celle qui hésitait à avancer s'est arreté en criant sur elle "Et, vous les femmes, quand est-ce que vous saurez marcher sur la route?". Une autre femme qui était dans un autre véhicule à coté a immédiatement réagi en disant: "Et; vous les hommes, quand est-ce que vous saurez tolérer et supporter les femmes?". Un homme qui avait tout suivi et qui était debout au bord de la route entrain d'attendre un taxi s'est exclamé disant: "Aha, ça y est. Les femmes congolaises sont décidé de changer de paradigme".

English translation by PulseWire member Rebecca D

This morning on the main road in Bukavu, two girls wanted to cross the road. A taxi driver who had seen one hesitate stopped to shout at her, “You women, when will you learn how to walk on the road!” Another woman in a nearby vehicle responded; “And you, men, when will you learn to tolerate and support women?!” A man who had followed, standing at the side of the road waiting for a taxi exclaimed saying, "Aha, there it is. Congolese women have decided to change the paradigm."

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012.


Continue dans votre ligne et donner votre point de vue, votre vision,votre apreciation et votre conclusion. Votre histoire est Fantasque et naturel. Merci l'avoir partager avec la communaute de WP. En solidarite avec les Femmes na uendeleye vile uandike mingi. Neema

I love to hear positive stories of people trying to make a change! It's when we share these little stories of resistance that real, worldwide change may begin. Thanks for sharing!

This is great! It's always encouraging and a bit surprising to hear men speak out for women's rights. The more the men speak out, the greater influence they will have on other men to change their attitudes. Good for him and GREAT for the Congolese women! liz

The sooner that men can admit that women are equal partners in life with them, and that we are there to support them all the way, the better it will become for all concerned. The two sexes working together as one is what it will take to make this world a greater place. Women should support their male counterparts same as men should work hand-in-hand with their female compatriots to solve the problems of the world in which we find ourselves. Kudos to those men who already know and acknowledge that they need us women to work alongside them in order to be successful in their endeavors and in life in general. I admire all women who speak out for what they believe in and also all men who trust in the abilities of women to be assets to them rather than liabilities. Thanks for this uplifting story!


The most important thing is the paradigm shift! Speaking out against practices that you don't agree with. I'm so proud! Thank you for sharing, it made me really happy to know that there is hope!