About Me: i am a young lady,a freelance writer and a big fan of helping children.i am passionate about nature and presently i am an amateur photographer.i have had a long history of slavery,failure,rejection and lack. A place in which the ability to reach my dreams have constantly come to a dead end.a place where i dare not hope for,because i fear i will wake up to the same night mare again and again.thank the good lord for a dawning of a new day in my life.i can finally breath some fresh air and i can see my life changing. my experiences will be of great addition,support and direction as i embark on this new journey of my life to be an ambassador for peace and progressive development in the life of children at home and the world at large.this is who i am. i look forward to working with lots off women all over the world to make the world a better place.

My Passions: geography[nature],history,children, writing,dialouge and arts

My Challenges: enough resources to reach my goals,as my contribution to global development

My Vision for the Future: to give children the opportunity to live thier God-given purpose so they can be lifted out of poverty and in return give back to their states

My Areas of Expertise: freelance writing[creative also],governess


Dear friend It’s my pleasure to welcome you. You are now a voice among thousands of voices. I am sure you have a powerful voice to make the world changed. Warm Welcome in this amazing platform, expectantly waiting your active participation. Follow the link for getting started guide. http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/about/guide

Warm Hug ! From Nepal

So glad to see you here on WP. Already you seem like a strong woman who has much to offer. You have survived much. You are amazing. Looking forward to seeing you around the Wire.

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

In writing, relating to the the fuel price subsidy removal and the pains it has on the ordinary Nigerian ,is the basis for my comment,Today marks the third day of the nation wide protest and strike ordered by the Nigerian Labour Congress,in my country. the issue i will like to state that seems to be more pressing on the minds of ordinary Nigerians is that, the Nigerian government under the rule of the present political party[12years] has done nothing to better the life of Nigerians but has constantly sought its own selfish interest,which has shut the doors to positive and steady progress, in other words development is lop-side ,in consistent and corrupt .the basic needs of the ordinary Nigerian is neglected and all promises by the government tend to be a show off of good words put together year in and year out.

We are worried about the lies and how this is getting us no where near our goal as a country. in removing the fuel subsidy in the way the government did without proper procedure has shown once more that the government cannot be trusted. as we protests as a country my prayer is that the federal government comes to a round table agreement on putting on hold the subsidy removal at the expense of the people until ,they have gained back trust from its citizens as relating to ending corruption,making available that the basic needs of its citizens as a whole from the grass root to the top are met. then will it be effective if the fuel subsidy is removed. although security is also a big issue, we keep our fingers crossed and work ,hope for the best. i love my country Nigeria, it is still growing in so many ways.