Wow!!! Where do I begin. First let me start with what I have accomplished in the last year. As you all know I have been acting as the Vice Chancellor of MPAU. Recently, I found out that funding was discontinued for my position after I was able to complete the strategic plan, 3 program modules to offer B.A. degrees and the application process for the registration of the University. That was the last thing I expected to hear. Instead I heard invalid reasons for my dismissal, such as having land, my spirituality, me being nervous, of which anyone who has ever met me would disagree. At any rate, I am carrying on, despite the pain, shame, disappointment and humiliation I was put through. It turns out they wanted a man after all!!!

I am seeking to pick up the pieces and go on with my life, though I admit, I am struggling emotionally, because in Africa there is no severance pay, unemployment check, nor welfare, you earn money by the sweat of your braw. Of course, I saw it coming and began to prepare for the eventual, as dreams don't lie and I kept dreaming about having left already. I ask for your continual support and prayers for these times, as I make myself over into a new being.

I know that I am transforming myself, and am venturing on with my consultant work. I have my business cards and brochures ready to go. I have my resume ready to go! And I have a place to live, in. I know there are worse situations, like the women I visited who live down in the slums, in one room homes, with at least 7-8 people living in them with no bathrooms. They use plastic bags to defecate. Some refuse to feed their children much food because of a lack of toilets, as the cost of toilets is just as expensive as it is to buy food for the day.

So, as I lament about my situation of being professionally used and pimped, I still remember my sisters who are going through worse than myself. I only have two mouths to feed, while they have at least 5 or more. So, while I am looking for funds to sustain myself, I am also looking for funds for my sisters who are also suffering in worse situations. Thanks World Pulse Sisterfriends for being there. Thanks for giving me a voice. I know that for women, it is A New Day!!!


My Dear Sister,

It is really beautiful reading this piece, others may feel she is mad again, how can this piece be beautiful? It is because it is giving you another chance to make them understand that they have lost a rare gem! This is another chance for you to prove your worth to woman hood, you are here for a purpose and that must be fulfilled therefore this is the time to fulfill that destiny. Anyone that dump anyone of us has lost an opportunity to shine, they are not worthy of you, yes, you are more than what peopel say and you are better off out of that place, brush your resume, start all over again, a new day is an indication that there is another opportunity to prove yourself, to prove to mother earth that you are a bundle of what she has made you to be.

Funding; that is what we are trained to do, if for any reason you are in need of a fund raiser I am available, free of charge.Love ma.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Thank you so much my sister, what a blessing you are to me this day. I had started brushing up my resume one week before it happened. I had started working on my business plan two months ago. But still it has gotten me I am in need of a fund raiser, so if you can help by all means I welcome it. Please let me know how? I look forward to hearing from you. This new day I took my resume to a University near by where I have temporary, I met the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and he handed me a course module to teach a Gender and Social Transformation Course, but I don't know all the particulars as I will meet with him again tomorrow. I have decided to work on issues for women and children, I am ready, willing and able to deal with that battle. Much love and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dear Dr. Edonna, This is moving towrds the right direction, standing up and moving again,the issue of a fundraiser will come up if you are working as a non profit that is why I said that I am trained in that aspect, and if you are going back to school, the better, Gender and Social Transformation course can be researched on the net adn you can gather some basic fact on it, do not reject the idea, I was selected along with 23 women from Asia and Africa to attend a one month course on Gender, Diversity and Transformation, I believe that this is almost the same thing. I have sent the course module to you now. Look it up adn run throughthem, Regards. NB In case you are starting an NGO I can support through proposal writing.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Yes, I do have an NGO, and actually I am a trainer in Gender Development and have written curriculum for college courses. What I need is some assistance in fundraising for my organization called Earth Angels International Service Club. Since you have offered I am taking you up on it. I will send more information, if you are serious about your offer. Thanks for all your support, it is much appreciated.

What is an unserious offer? We are talking about transformation you are saying if I am serious, all the best as we work on changing lives.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Sorry my dear, thanks for the wonderful offer from your heart. Send me your personal email address so I can email it to you in attachments. You are a blessing!!!

Dr. E mail addresses have been sent in a private message.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:


We are all there for you with our love and prayers. Have faith in yourself and Olutosin is right they are the losers as they don't know what they have lost. You are a gem. Keep us posted with whatever you are doing/planning for yourself. And yes do share all your feelings with us. We are listening.

Lots and lots of love and prayers.

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Yesterday I felt scared, Yesterday I felt lost, Yesterday I felt depressed, Yesterday I felt like an abused professional woman who had been professionally pimped, But Today is a New Day, and I feel renewed, hopeful, full of promise, ready to face tomorrow!!!

Thank you for the love you have shared with me, I am so happy I reached out and you reached back with a great big hug!!!

Sister, Their loss is your gain and I know that with your knowledge, skills and talents, you will find another position -- one that is worthy of you and where you will be respected. Our hearts are with you as you embark on this new journey and if you ever need to share your feelings and thoughts, we are all here for you. Big hug, Janice

Warm hello! It's always a very busy day for me since the year start and I'm always happy reading the posts here in our website. I read your post today and i feel the pian and the difficulties you are going through. Though , I'm so happy Olutosin give you her very supportive message. But I'm sure with all the talents and skills you have, there will always be opportunities. Keep believing in yourself and the power of women to overcome obstacles!

love, Malaya

Dearest Dr. Edonna,

I am sorry to hear about your situation, that after all your hard work and dedication, you were humiliated and left without a job. And I am amazed by your resilience and ability to move forward with your dreams.

I will be sending thoughts and prayers to you dear sister, as well as sending job possibilities that come our way. Be sure to check the Resource ExChange from time to time for fellowships, scholarships and other opportunities that may lead to security and work.

Lots of love, jade

And still I rise, yes, I have been knocked down, but I got up, And still I rise, yes, I have been used, but I have more to give, And still I rise, yes, I have been shamed, but I am humble, And still I rise, No matter what you do to me, you can never touch my spirit, for it is immortal, ever rising and reaching for the light, And still I rise, For that is the power of woman, to give birth one day and to what? Rise the next day

First of all I am so sorry for your position as well as being so delayed in getting online and seeing this post. As one door closes another one opens. Keep on rising. We are with you Tina x

As we begin to approach the spring equinox, I am reminded that the winter and its coldness brings about a birthing to something new, the spring and today, I have risen. Although I felt crucified, I have risen! Please check out my new entry on changemakers, and you will see that I have given birth to something new, different and timely. I am launching this week the opening of the Women's Soulogical Seminary. Under my 501 (C)(3) registered American religious organization. I am answer the call to fulfilling my spiritual mission. Most of you may not know but I also have a Doctorate in Divinity. Yes, I am also a Reverend. I noticed that some time last year, I began to sign my name using that title. I have been reluctant to utilize it for I have not felt I have been doing the work to honor the Goddess of the tradition of which I seek to honor by doing the work of assisting in the birthing of the Age of Aquarius and Goddess spirituality. So, now you heard it first. I knew it was coming but I didn't think I was ready for the work, until I was released from my other work.

I have built up enough institutions that men run and operate and now it is time to do the work for women and children. The spiritual organization I founded is called Umayat Spiritual Education Circle for Self-Realization, for women and children. Earth Angels is the spiritual arm for teaching and training children in self-actualization and the Women's Seminary is for teaching and training women in self-realization. Umayat has been in existence since 2003, but has waited for me to receive the call to activate it. I have been doing Goddess mission work since 2000, but have kept it silent because I was afraid that the world was not ready for it, but now I know it is time. With the killing of women and children in Nigeria, I know that I can't be silent any longer!!! It is time for the empowerment of women and children, on my part their killing will not be in vain, and I will work until this body is called for their liberation, may the circle be unbroken!! May we all dedicated our lives to serving those still enslaved and oppressed!! I have Risen!!!