Thank you so much WorldPulse for choosing my story "The Land calling me back" for publishing. I haven´t got the magazine yet, but I have heard that it is coming. Because of my health there is no going abroad and working but I will take the next chance. Thank you Jade for being so understanding and supporting and congratulations to you Lin for being Nominated For Africa MDG International Award, what an honour. When you come to Sweden, we will have to meet. Long live WorldPulse!

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Drita, You will love the magazine and we used your quote as the call-out for the section. Thank you for providing such a moving and poignant testimony to Land. Keep us posted on life in Sweden and we would love to hear about how the volcano has affected your daily activity. Best wishes, Janice


Take care of yourself and know that we are all here for you - to cheer you on and help celebrate your successes, as well as to provide strength and support when you are ill.

In friendship, Jade

Thank you all for your lovely comments and encouragement, and Janice, the volcano has caused so much trouble in almost every part of Europe. The airports have been closing and opening depending on the volcano´s activity and it has been such a mess for all passengers. Many passengers have been stuck for a long time not being able to get home, and there has been disputed who will take care of these passengers since many airline agencies have lost a lot of many and have not been able to provide for hotels and food for the passengers affected by this chaos. Anyway, it is getting better and personally I have not been affected by this chaos since I haven´t needed to fly. The forces of nature are unpredictable and today the world depends on different kinds of means of transportation and technology. Sometimes I wonder how it was living in a world where horse-drawn carriages were the only mean of transportation.