Nancy Harkrider
Nancy Harkrider: My nick name is Dr. Learn and every day brings new opportunities

I feel the pulse already and am thrilled to be volunteering as a Vision Mentor.  

I am a partner in a global change management consultancy and thrive on digital connections.  My passion is and will always will be empowering women, myself included.

I am interested in broadening the discussion of leadership so we become learners in the process of mentoring other women.  How do we monitor ourselves in this process? 



Topic Leadership


Dear Dr.Learn, Thank you for your journal. You are very nice because you are already full of motivation! You'll be a good leader with your high motivation, so do your best from now on!


One of the things I am most excited about is discovering how this community has shifted/expanded/ it's view sof what it means to be a leader as we embrace our leadership role.  

And Ann, I love your salutation-- Bright Blessings.   May I borrow it for my communication :)

Nancy Harkrider, passionate  learner, mentor and change agent