About Me: sudanese women.i like to work on foods safety .iam writer.researcher.helpful.

My Challenges: beating poverty

My Vision for the Future: make bright future for the displaced women

My Areas of Expertise: food scurity


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Love Pooza

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Thanks .....ur name like my mother name i love it.so i hope to be friend for ur from NIGERIA i have best friends fromN. and we have same ideas for defending women problems in developing countries i used to work on hunger. i always think about it ,hunger is more hard than the wars so food for all we must share food in the world.many people dei from eating much other from HUNGERY! Fatima ... sorry if my english is not good my mothertg.arabic salam

I would like to share this programe from GIV.YOU CAN invite ur friends and make food for all and remmber the women and the children who suffering much from hunger discuss this topic and think what we can do to make food for all by seneding money . or food to them please donot forget those hungers when you eat share ur food with others..........FOOD FOR ALL IN THIS WORLD DONT LEAVE THE CHILDREN DEI FROM HUNGERY SHAME FOR ALL DO SOMTHING AROUND .