Thanks for the introduction to these issues, Duda - it is sad to see that bullying is such a big problem in Serbia, and that some parents are not spending time with their children, rewarding and reinforcing good behaviour. I think you have some great messages for bullies and their victims, and I hope things can change because of people like you!


Dear Duda,

Thank you for sharing this important issue of bullying, which is not only an issue in Serbia, but worldwide is on the rise. It was eye-opening to see it from a Serbian perspective and I appreciated the effort you put into outlining very specific solutions for parents to address this issue. It was also really interesting to read the quotes from bullies, and get a sense of where they are coming from.

Great job on this video!

In friendship and solidarity, Jade

Hi Duda, Thank you for your photo essay on bullying. As a former middle school head, I am only too well acquainted with the problem in the United States. I am sad that bullying is also found in Serbia throughout the world. We need to be especially diligent today as cyber bullying adds a whole new dimension to this tough to eradicate problem. I hope that in your country, people follow some of you solutions and that the incidence of bullying decreases. Warm wishes, Roz

Hi Duda,

Your video is nicely put together. It's scary and sad that kids can be so mean to each other. It should be a time of innocence and sweetness. Thank you for telling us about the situation in Serbia.



You have dug deeply into the trickier sides of Serbia and encouraged humanity to reveal itself. With great joy, I say to you, thank you for giving me glimpse into your culture and a better understanding of the ties that bind and the nature of the conflicts which led to war and still chip away at the peace in your lands. May they fuse themselves into a stronger, more colorfully diverse fabric so that the good olds will happily include the new days as breaths of fresh air wafting into these wovens as they hang out to dry.

Wishing you the very best with your continued writing and speaking up for what your heart tells you are better ways of life for your family and Serbs.


Kat Haber

Founder: TEDxVail & WE Rotary

Board Director WILD Foundation

Affinity Rep: HaberVision.com

"Know thyself." ~ Plato

The music was engaging so was the video. I did not understand the song but still enjoyed watching. The pictures said a lot and i understood the intensity and effect of this negative behaviour of bullying.

All the best to you Duda.

Have a lovely day. Amei


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