In Africa, a woman is expected to let off steam in several ways; she could pour out her frustrations at her husband's unfaithfulness by becoming an active member of one religous organization or the other, she could bear more children to assert her usefulness in that home or she could simply act like the old woman who lived in a shoe (remember the nursery rhyme?) the tale goes thus: this old woman had so many children and she couldn't handle them so, she gave them a less than nutritous dinner and as a last resort, she beat them all soundly and sent them to bed.

For the single African woman who is feeling sorry for herself due to her determination to stay on the shelf,she has little or no outlet to express her deepest emotions. So, apart from seeing a shrink (which is highly un-African),she is left with the singular choice of of blogging inspite of any shortcoming she might experience as she explores that space.

I love blogging. I just discovered that i am a 'certified' blogger . In the roll call of world bloggers, my name will be mentioned.This feat has been made possible by the mere fact that i am a member of the world pulse community. I may never have tried it if i was not part of this community but Alas, the story is not all exciting especially when i have to consider my pocket. If i chance upon a genie, i will be sure to ask for a lap-top and twenty four hour intenet connection. It would help me tremendously in my media career and it will help me research more on issues that i would like to express as i intend to inspire women and other vulnerable groups in future through the Arts.

In the meantime, while i wait for my good fortune, i will have to continue going to the cyber cafe because i just cannot stop connecting


This was a very interesting piece for me. I love that you have such a passion for blogging. You are a great writer with an interesting perspective and it's very educational for women, like me who have not spent much time in Africa. I welcome the opportunity to understand the African woman's perspective.

I'll send a prayer your way that you one day will receive your computer and 24 hour internet connection.

cheers, Genice Oakland, California, USA

Genice Jacobs Profluence

Hi Efe,

I'm also dreaming of the day when I'll get my own laptob and internet connection. If you read my journal entry you'll find that I have a pentuim II desktop given to me by a friend. It is very slow and I have a name I have given to it. I call it "mbamba". In the local vernacular here, it means old mother. We all share that dream

You see how reliable an "old mother" can be. i am sure when you eventually get a laptop you will be reluctant to do away with your old but reliable friend.

Hi again,

I got to read your essay again as I was your reader for VOF week 3. I appreciated what you had to say about blogging being a way to let off steam and process what is going on in your life. Journaling is effective for that too. Blogging is great as you can send you message out to the masses. In the United States, we don't get to hear voices from Africa very often and I find it very interesting to hear about news from an African woman's perspective and to better understand the culture. The truth is that all of our stories are a lot more interesting than we think when told well and shared intimately. Another persons world is unknown territory and another person's world across the globe is really interesting.

I encourage you to follow your heart and ambitions and keep at it.

Keep up the good work.


Genice Jacobs Profluence

Dear Efe,

I loved being your listener this week. You beautifully described the power that blogging holds for so many women! I wonder, are there other barriers you have encountered with blogging aside from access to computers and internet? Have you felt free to blog on whatever you would like, or have you ever felt any sort of constraints in that area?

Thank you, and all my best, Amelia

Well i usually talk about "taboo" subjects (which are highly frowned upon by conservative societies) so i have no problems with talking about issues that need to be discussed but i wish i had a better knowledge of using multi-media on the net and outside as well. I would love to do drama-documentaries that tell powerful stories.