I am very much a fan of modernity and it attendant prospects but i would propose a retreat to the caves this instance if we have to give up old fashioned attributes like spontaneity in exchange for being super efficient and precise. We have become robot like; programed to live by the rules and as a result we are becoming less of who we are meant to be. I have to confess at this point that our ancestors in the caves didn't do much better in finding contentment. They were spontaneous alright but all it got them were heads that got clubbed at the slightest provocation and a brutish and short life.

I believe that we can do more than going through the motions of daily living. It is okay to live that way for a while but we can have so much more. It is possible to eat our cake (or carrot) and have it.Who say's one can't have fun while attempting to change the world or improve one's environment for that matter?We can have a ball as well as live meaningfully as we give hope to others who need to get out of one desperate situation or the other. These SOS cases are in the majority; from the boardrooms in Manhattan to the Refugee Camps in Darfur, we can find people who are in the brink of despair, not as a result of the tangible things they possess or do not possess but by the simple fact that their inner beings are searching for a place of rest and rejuvenation. West Life, the sensational musical group describe the search this way in one of their songs:

"Everybody's looking for that something, something that makes it all complete..."

We think we have found it when we acquire one luxury item or the other but we find ourselves still searching.Again, West life gives us a clue in the same song:

" We find it in the strangest places, places that you never thought it could be.."

In reaching out to others in strange environments and strange circumstances, we connect as well as get healed. We heal from wounds that we are not aware of possessing. As a World Pulse Corespondent, I intend to fulfill the desire i have to connect with my immediate environment and the much larger world through passing on the relevant information in a creative and thought-provoking manner.In the process, unearthing issues and events that question our attitudes towards others as well as our lifestyles.

As a World Pulse Corespondent, i will have the opportunity to reach out to people who are in the position to make a difference. As i tell stories of vulnerable and marginalized groups that people will not usually categorize as such, i do not want to be constrained by the requirements of formal journalism that i am used to, i want to go further by being spontaneous in my explorations and where better to achieve all these than in the World Pulse Community?


Hi Efe,

Thank you for sharing your vision for the future. I agree that spontaneity is lacking in today's rushed world. Rarely do I find myself with enough time to ask myself, "what do I want to do today?" It is always, "what do I need to do today, what is on the agenda?"

I love your writing style, perspective and sense of humor. It is always a joy to read your engaging journal entries and to follow your progress in the Voices of Our Future program.

Please continue to lift your voice and share your unique viewpoint here on PulseWire. We are eagerly listening and absorbing your words.

Warm regards, Jade

for taking time out to encourage me.Will inspire me anytime i want to take the coward's way out in my writing ambition