I should feel an affiliation to a visible geographical space; somewhere that depicts the history of my child-hood perhaps or somewhere that holds fond memories of a sweetheart or family members but somehow just at the point when my heart wants to claim that special place, a new experience or a new situation comes up and I am swept away albeit temporarily in a magical flight of newness and tranquility. That temporary feeling can be obtained when I am close to nature but yet my heart yearns for something more, something indescribable, something unattainable in the space inhabited by the physical. Maybe there is a part of me that would not dare to cling to any physical space because of the innate knowledge my heart possesses that tells me that man has made a mess of it all and very soon homes and habitations will be swept away to a place of no return. The Ozone layer will impact more and more and we will be left with little to treasure in this physical space.

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Thank you for opening up your heart and sharing this with us. I can relate to your feelings when you speak of being swept away again and again by new places and experiences, and I also wonder when or if I'll ever feel a lasting attachment to any one place.

Like anything physical, one cannot hold onto it forever and even while holding it, it can and probably will change. I think that this might be the reason I hesitate 'to cling to any physical space,' as you say. I do, however, see how my own connections with and sentiments about different places have importantly lead me to make a committment to the land to do whatever I can to preserve its honor and to replenish it.

Thank you again for your story--it spoke to me Mountains!

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Thank you for sharing your story and experience with place. I view myself as a nomad, always looking for the next place to see and to be, and wonder if I miss out on grounding myself in place. When I think back to places I love, that mean something to me, I realize how important the physical is to the memory, the smells, the feel of the earth or water beneath my fingers. But I hadn't thought of your perspective, about the fear that man has damaged place. I hope not beyond repair. I'm hopeful that people like you and others in this online community will contribute to making place sacred.

Thanks again for sharing a piece of yourself here. I feel a little more connected in this moment.


Perhaps you are one of those people who so affects those around her, it is your purpose to be nomadic for awhile. You never know how many people you have touched with your thoughts.

Thank you so much for sharing. You speak volumes.


It seems that you have a strong connection to the spirit of the Land, as opposed to the physical. That longing for the new pushes you out to new frontiers, to new experiences, treading different Lands as you journey through life. I like that your joy comes from the vastness of the Land and all that it can offer you. Thank you for sharing.

i actually did not know how the write-up was going to end but as i began i realized that i connect more with the unseen qualities of a place

Hi Efe,

I'm so glad that you shared your story of Land with us. I always enjoy reading your journals as you write so honestly and from your heart. We have an obligation to our planet and I hope that as humans, as neighbors on this planet, we can join together to decrease our footprints significantly before it's too late.