As for me, I want become the one who works for children in poor society all over the world by contacting with organization. I want to promote people in my community because most of people in my community didn’t know exactly about the value of education. Some people told that you can eat though you are not educated. I want to help my community to develop in every department such as women, children, and labour and so on. I love the nature so I want to aware my community about the world is in trouble, so we have to help, we can also it only one. Unity is strength. In my community, most people work as farmer, fisherman and gardener. So, I told them to reduce of using plastic, pesticide, garbage on right way and to use toxic chemical things with limit and don't fishing a lot, and don't destroy the soil and throw out the waste products in right way because the accumulate of waste products cause a lot of diseases and the dirty of the nature. But they reply me that if we don’t use pesticides in our field, it will be destroyed by the insects and also plastics are very useful for us and you are so young to lead us. Although they reply me that I really know their mind. They are the good host and good person. Because of doesn’t know the value of education, they are depressed by others and also depressed themselves. And in my community, most people want to work abroad like Singapore, Thailand... they impress the one who’s coming from abroad although they work as housekeeper. I tell them about trafficking some of us obey but other doesn’t. So I have to give them more knowledge about, so I need help. Children didn't want to study; they want to do like the adult who are going abroad for working as housemate. They don't know education is important but they want to rich so they are easily to trick. Most people in my community are poor. So, I have to give them the knowledge of education is important than wealthy. I must become the person who can lead my community as the good leader. Because of leading my community in the right way it will also help the world from destroying. I try it now and also I know that my friends will help me too. I must become educated person to develop the community well, to be the good leader. My community is weak in every department. By becoming a member of Pulse Wire, I hope that my friends will know my difficulties and help me as they can. I got help from Voices of our future by reading the journal which my friends post and sharing it in my community. They got knowledge from them. So, I hope that the little things I participate in pulse wise, the greater things I get for my community. Hope all of my friends will give me advice of reducing the bad things and promoting the good things in my community.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


Thank you so much for encouragement words, because of your encouragement word I really get strength. Thank you so much all of my friends. I don't have money and time much to use internet and to reply you. As for it, I am really sorry but whenever I open my post, I always get a new comment, I am really glad for it. I hope you will understand me for don't use internet all the time because I don't have computer connected with internet so I come to use in internet cafe, I didn't come often. Thank you so much. By the way, I want to get wishes from my friends for my coming birthday in 13 October. Thank you so much for everything. With Love, Eh Tha Khu

It seems like an overwhelming task you have but know that there are so many on this blog that share those types of challenges with you. It is good that you can communicate with others and share their words and your words with your community. Knowledge seems to be the key to producing change. Do not let those challenges stand in your way. Your voice will help so many and can be used to connect with others that can assist you along the way.



“Women have a special capacity to lead us to a more peaceful world with compassion, affection and kindness. And there is no more important time for that than this moment.” - Dalai Lama

Your view of the breadth of the problems your people face is wide. It is hard to face so many issues, and also people who don’t want to hear what you have to say. But I believe you will do it and get better and better at doing it. Never give up.