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I’ve always thought that if you have good ideas you should make them become real. As a journalist I found my personal way to do that: listening to people, reading, and writing. When I was a child I didn’t even know that I would have become a journalist but I was sure about this: I would have been a curious woman. Curiosity is the way I look at the world, people, and experiences. Some years ago, when the internet was not so popular, I used to experience my curiosity visiting new places, meeting new people, and keeping asking them about their lives, feelings, and aims. When the web became the most important eye on the world I started using it as a compass to navigate the reality and to lead my curiosity to interesting stories I could have known and written about. It was my curiosity that led me to World Pulse and it was the internet that allowed me to join it. It was a summer sunny day and I was looking for interesting stories about women around the world. I was searching for under-covered stories to do some researches on and to write about for the magazine I write for. This is a publication on women and gender equality. It’s a local magazine but interested in stories from every corner of the world. I was seated in front of my computer, surfing the web as usual. World Pulse caught my attention and Voices of Our Future consequently. I saw World Pulse as the perfect place to experience my curiosity and Voices of Our Future as the ideal place to communicate my ideas and to let them become real. It was 2004 and I was travelling in Burkina Faso, Africa. It was August and I was visiting a village in the South of the country. I met a girl, she was about 20, the same age as me. She was mum of four children. One of them was sick. She used to wake up really early in the morning to go picking up some water miles away. She had never studied, she had never left her village. I wanted asking her everything about her life, her life was totally different from mine. I asked her something, I wouldn’t bother her. Her face is still kept in my mind. Since then I started being interested in women’s life around the world, I started looking for their stories and stories about their countries. This is my own way to discover and to let other people known about my discoveries. This is my own way to communicate with people in my community and in other communities. This is my own way to raise women’s voices around the world. Voices of Our Future is the most effective tool in doing this.

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I similarly enjoy experience new places and things - always curious about how other people live and what they think!

I wonder what got you into journalism in the first place? I would like to read more about how your background developed - what were your experiences? What did you do and where did you go? Why were you in Burkina Faso? Which other sites have inspired you or you have used? How is World Pulse different from the other platforms you may use?

Great addition of photos!

Hi Amy, I first got into writing stories when I was a child. I used to travel a lot (the US, Canada, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Australia, Northern Europe, Africa) with my parents and, as soon as I was able to write, I started collecting stories from my travels. It was just for fun but still important for my future. I chose journalism, indeed. When I grew up, I started travelling for studies and work. I spent some time in Brazil, Morocco, France, Turkey, Norway, Denmark, and the US (where I'm currently settled) doing internship, volunteer experiences, and studying at the University. I went to Burkina Faso with "Il Sole", Ngo from Como, my town for a volunteer experience over there. I was much inspired both by Italian sites about women's voices (such as http://www.ilcorpodelledonne.net/ and http://www.pariodispare.org/) and foreign ones (as http://womensenews.org/). I found World Pulse different from other platforms for its interested in global issues and its global spirit. I found World Pulse as a very active community, full of new stimulus. Thank you very much for your attention!

Hi Elena,

What a great story! You should certainly share more of your background like this within your articles and on your World Pulse profile - the more you show the basis for your passion and interests, the more personal and compelling your application can be!

Curiosity is a fantastic vehicle for both world exploration and self realization! It sounds as if it has been a common theme that has run through your life so far. I really enjoyed the pictures you posted! As I read your story I found myself wondering exactly how your life differed from the 20 year old girl from Burkina Faso. By giving your readers some examples of your own life, that will allow them to truly understand the constrast between your lives. Keep up the great work!!

Bryne Atkinson

Thanks Bryne.

Since I was a child I had the great possibilty to travel a lot (I have to thank my parents for that), the 20-year-old girl from Burkina Faso hadn't never left her village. I had the possibilty to study, she hadn't. To go studying even abroad. When I was 20 I was not thinking about having children, I was feeling that I was too young for that and have other priorities such as studying, travelling, knowing new places, and finding a job that I liked. The girl from Burkina Faso hadn't other posibilities rather than get married and have children. This is why she really caught my attention. Since then I started looking for stories from other countries.

Thanks for your attention!