About Me: Interested and curious about people, their history, culture and traditions. Teacher at elementary school to help integrate foreign children and their families in new school system and implement communication and understanding for diversity as a personal and socio-community enrichment. Collaboration at a project of empowerment of migrant women: language/alphabetization course and knowledge of the territory with its facilities. Translator for legal texts and annual report of Amnesty INternational. Master in conflict mediation, facilitation and peace operator. Certificates in legal approach for migrants and citizenship. Participation at workshops against human trafficking. Living in multicultural family and environment. Openminded and willing to learn from others and share ideas

My Passions: Children, Animals, Sports(football, volleyball, tennis, swimming), reading, travelling

My Challenges: Raise awareness of inequality and injustice in all its forms all around the world and collaborate in finding active solutions starting from the bottom and from people directly involved

My Vision for the Future: A more equal world for women, men and children, less discrimination, oppression, abuse of power in every context and fair conditions

My Areas of Expertise: Education, Writing, Conflict mediation, Translation


Welcome to World Pulse! It certainly sounds like you are doing a lot of great things :) I look forward to reading more about your work and your perspective on the world.

This is a great place to share ideas, resources, love and thoughts. I hope that you find the connection here as fulfilling as I have (and I am sure you will!).

Again, Welcome!



Thank you for your encouraging and loving words. I am sure everyone of us in his little can make a change in the world and make the world a more equal and peaceful place to live for everybody. I am really interested in the job you are doing and the projects you sustain and encourage. Would be nice to keep in touch and have a lively exchange and I am looking forward to do so. I am sure I will find people that share this concept and idea and have the possibility to interact with everybody. Take care. I wish you a peaceful day/evening Eliana


Dear Juliana k It pleases me alot when I find others who share my areas of interest and even job: So look at me; teacher and educationalist, I love knowing new people and about people( not so nosy though), translator, member of Amnesty.. OK..see? But about knowing about people, when I befriend a person one of my first questions usually is: what is your mom's name? So by the way, what is your mom's name? My mom was called 'Nasrah'..God rests her soul. Hope you enjoy the free atmosphere here Love asha


Sorry Asha if I was short in words when replying to you. I just wanted to answer you as soon as possible between one lesson and the other. I found your introduction very interesting and helpful because I learned something new. In Italy when we meet a person the first question we pose is: "What is your name?" Followed by "Where are you from?" We never ask about our parents names, neither mother nor father. That is a pitty because it's them that gave us birth and gave us the chance to see this world and what we are is for great part the sum of our ancestors and parents. They play a key role in our life and existance but they are too little considered in our society. We are too much concentrated on ourselves and on our achievements and forget about who made it possible. Thank you for introducing me to part of your culture and get an insight into it. This made me think about our concepts and approaches towards our families.

It is remarkable what you are doing and I find your job really interesting. Are you still working in Sudan? How do you see and consider the situation in your homecountry? Is it still possible for you to work there and what are the main difficulties you are encountering every day? I was just thinking that here in Italy everyone is complaining about school (children because they have to go there and experience it as a must do/ teachers because the number of teacher is diminuished every year and the workload for them rises/ too much burocracy and too little focus and effort for the teaching/ the children are not the focus any more because there are too many burocratical meetings and writings to do/ old programmes that do not fit the needs of kids any longer/ methods that are not adequate to the changes in the schoolsystem and in the way children grow up. You see, there is a lot that is lacking in Italian school system but what is really missing is: MOTIVATION! I think if kids would live in places where it is difficult to get any form of school education, they would appreciate their opportunities much more and they would take advantage from the chance they have because it is not given that everyone has the possibility to go to school, to study, to get vocational training. It is frustrating and amazing that the ones who have the chances don't use them while those who don't have them desperately try to create them. We can learn a lot from you. It would be interesting to start an exchange between children from different parts of the world via mail or letter to share experiences and learn from each other creating a common ground on which to work all together to make things change for the better. It would help people to enwiden their point of view and prevent them from falling into stereotypes.

I would love to hear more about you and learn from your experience and wisdom Love Eliana


Dear Asha, thank your for your replies on the books and on the translator service. I found it very interesting and fascinating that you wanted to know my mother'*s name. My mom's name is Tamara. As I see we have a lot of common grounds and this is surely positive thing. I enjoy the free atmosphere here and the exchange of ideas, proposals, and projects. It is really a positive area for working together and getting to know each other and establish a network. I wish you a nice sunday and hope to read from you soon. Love Eliana