A TV network of the Islamic movement made the following video available to the international community. It should raise awareness on the forgotten conflict in Somalia. It is worth taking a look at it and reflecting about it. The link is in Italian but I think leaving out the initial "it" it should be possible to view it in English too.

The link is: http://it.peacereporter.net/videogallery/video12222

What do you think about it?

I would like to hear your opinion on it. Thank you Eliana


Dear Pamela, I am sorry that the link did not work. Did you try to copy and past the link into the upper bar and access it through "it.peacereporter.net". I had some difficulty in the beginnning too but I don't remember what I left out to access the link because I was trying and trying and suddenly it worked. I hope you finally are able to open it. It's really interesting and shows what is not shown on tv but is still reality and people experience it every day. Wish you a nice day Take care Eliana