1. When I first entered the World Pulse Community, everything was new to me. As soon as I registered and, driven by curiosity, I found a new universe which I didn’t imagine: a warm welcome by women that didn’t know anything about myself! I was excited about the variety of women present in the network and their actions to make world a better place in which to live by sustaining their communities and raising awareness for the challenges they face every day. Each woman different and unique in her personal history but speaking for herself and standing up for her believes. Web 2.0 gave me the big chance to share, exchange opinions, ideas, thoughts and dreams and post offers and needs that could be of help for other women. I felt like being part of a real big family where I am free to express myself and get to know other countries, realities, cultures and traditions and have a more direct and different information, not given by the medias in Italy. I would like to express a warm THANK YOU TO EVERY WOMAN I HAD THE CHANCE TO INTERACT AND BEFRIEND WITH!

  2. The user-friendly format enables an easy access to information in a structured way. Through the journals and the groups I was able to get deeper insight into life, struggle, projects, competences and interests of women and their communities. In my eyes the resource exchange helps to set up a connection between women of different countries and enables them to put their competences at the service of members in need. The network creates liaisons between women and helps in the exchange and sharing of approaches to topics they have in common. Through the set up of such a network, help can be found among peers and sometimes the way through institutions, governments and burocracy can be avoided or limited, so there is a greater chance of bringing into life projects that are thought and implemented by locals. Changes begin by the locals because they know their country best and women are an essential part of each community.

  3. Through this site I met the “Rafiki Project”and was excited by of being a pen-pal to a woman in Kenya and through my writing help her in improving her literacy. I find this lively exchange a valuable opportunity and an enrichment for both sides. I thank all the women, who write to me for letting me be part of their life. I experienced empowerment in a manufacturing project I started with my friend from Nigeria. Through the network we found a cooperation from Cameroon willing to help us with our manufacturing project in a ecologically sustainable way. Interacting with women working in the empowerment of women helped me to get to know other methods and think about the adaptability to my context. Every time I enter the site, for me it is an empowering experience because I get power, strengths, courage, motivation at personal, human, and professional level.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


Thank you for your reply. I am glad I could reach you and hope I reach others too during this journey. It is great pleasure for me to be part of this great family and community. Hope to read more about you, too. Peace to you Eliana


Hi Eliana,

Finally I got a chance to read read your first assignment. It's nice, and I agree with Aida, from our writing to each other, I feel that you have a ton of energy to put to good for your community. Glad to hear that your project with the co-operative in the Cameroon is going well. I read your threads and wondered if it worked out. I think there are a lot of projects, information and opportunities within this website, and it's a matter of finding the time to search through it. I am going to check into the Rafiki Club. When I lived in the States, for a short time I taught a lady reading and writing. I am sending you a message in connection to your comment about my assignment.


Dear Eliana,

What I liked about your assignment was hearing how you have already used web 2.0 to empower yourself and others. I share the same feelings you have whenever I enter the site, though for me I am also awed and humbled.

I look forward to reading the rest of your assignments and wish you much success.

Aloha, Beverly

Dear Beverly, Thank you for reading my journal entry and commenting on it. I am glad about the positive comment of yours and happy to see that you also feel the same way I do. It is really positive to see how this networks brings women together and what resource it represents even though it is a rather vast area and it takes time to discover the whole potential that lies within.

I hope to read from you again and wish you a peaceful weekend

With love and friendship Eliana


Dear Eliana,

Your enthusiastic writing energized me. I also found this post very informative. Like you and others, I feel hooked to World Pulse.

May your versatility inspire more people!

Love and warmth, Pushpa

Dear Pushpa, thank you for the time you took to read through my post. I am really honoured and happy about your inspiring words and I really hope one day women will gain more and more consideration in every aspect of life.

Thank you for your encouragement. I will surely be glad to read your journal too and I am sure, I will find an inspiring woman in you too.

Peace and blessings to you Eliana


I just love the fact that you have already found great opportunities through Web 2.0 and utilised them to your advantage. Keep the networks alive and pick the most important and those projects that would have greater impact on your community.

Machrine Birungi

Dear Machrine Birungi, thank you for your comment and suggestion. I really appreciate very much your hints. You are right. When doing networking one risks to loose the objective out of her eyes and risks to remain in a stagnant position. Thank you very much for reminding me about that issue, too. Have a good day Peace to you Eliana


thank you for sharing your wonderful and valuable experience with the Pulse Wire community here. As you said in your piece it validates so many aspects of the power of women, girls, people in general coming together as a force for change. I too, have had my eyes, ears, mind and heart opened, my awareness broadened by wandering around in this universe.

You are an inspiration! Hello to Italy! Gretchen | USA

Dear Gretchen, Thank you for your comment and reply. It is wonderful to interact, share and exchange with all of you no matter where you are and what you are doing. Really a wonderful and joyful feeling. I believe every woman shares the same experience we are living and so I re-thank worldpulse and the opportunity offered by Voices of the Future. Hope to read from you again. Peace to you Eliana