my lovely brother
  • my lovely brother

14th of August. That very day changed our lives – it was a birth of Aristarh. When I was informed about it, I was at university. Summer foundation courses were coming to the end. We have been celebrating classmate’s birthday during ten minutes’ break, when suddenly I received a call from my stepfather. In fact, I was waiting for that call. Being extremely uneasy, I could not distinguish his emotions immediately. It seemed the conversation divided into the seconds with an interval of the eternity. I didn’t know what to think – my heart sank for a moment. And then I have heard: "Now you have a little brother." I have begun to cry, those tears were full of true and genuine happiness. New period of life has come. It is a time, when only one thought about Aristarh fills my heart with joy and warmth.

4th of June. Today I will finally embrace my "Vinnie de Pooh". My mom and Aristarh will be discharged from an isolation hospital for children. During these five days I could see them only in a window of the ward on the third floor. It was so sad and lonely without them.That's why I didn’t want to come back home, it was so empty there. My brother missed me too, you know. But today our house will be filled with laughter again. I will be able to smile again.

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You really have a cute brother. I am in love with him now. I hope you dont mind hmmm...It feel so proud to have such a nice brother.I pray for your lovely relationship and to live with your family happily.

Peace Pooza

Элис вот теперь мы и здесь встретились))) А братика твоего теперь я увидел наконец то))) Хе хе хе)))

It must be a joy for you to hold his little hand in yours. I hope you will share more stories about him and your life in Kazakhstan. Best wishes, Janice

Thank you for sharing your story. I especially connected to the "waiting" period, uncertain what the news might be, hopeful for the best, and how life can change in an instant when a new life enters it. I wish you all the best with your family!