Today was a really cool day, at least its first part. I'm so much excited! Maybe, there is nothing extraordinary in this day, but I haven't felt anything like it in last three or more weeks.The thing is that once summer semester had started I can't gather myself up. I stopped to smile, but before I did it everytime.It seemed that I was under a reall ynegative spell. Nevertheless, now I feel much better. I was very cheerful at the university, I even have a great desire to do my homework.Our online magazine started to work again. At last! That's why very soon I and my friend will publish our 3rd issue. It will be about kids. That's all I've wanted to say!

P.S.: I love my boyfriend so much! I'm lucky that we met each other one day! Yesterday we took a nice walk. I understood once more that He is the person who really loves, respects and appreciates me. I need him. I'm so sorry for those moments when I hurt his feelings.


Hope, that's my rebirth too, and we'll finish this summer semester with the best performance and in the best mood! Coz sometimes I really miss 'Spring -- it was such a fun with philosophy classes, arw, even PA and computers were relatively great! =))

I really like the way you write. I love your stroy the 18 age difference as well.well, I would like to know more about your online magazine. Best of luck for the 3rd issue and do remain happy with your boyfriend. Keep writing Love Pooza

I took a big interest in World Pulse! Now It is like my diary (in real life I don't have it). Pooza, thank you so much for your worm words=)

Peace Elis