Dear All,

I am writing to you because I have read about your work with World Pulse. I thought you would be a good resource for a project I am researching. My name is Talya Morris, and I am an 8th grade student at the Emery/Weiner School in Houston, TX. I am working on a research project for my teacher, Mr. Benjamin Stern, in which I am examining the history of and possible solutions to the abuse Nigerian women face. I am writing you to request an interview with you, at your convenience, in which we discuss your experience researching/working with/living with/ etc the issue. The interview can be by email, over the phone, or over video chat. I would really appreciate your help. If you are willing, please let me or my teacher know so we can schedule a time and place that works for you.

Thank you very much,

Talya Morris tmorris@emeryweiner.org bstern@emeryweiner.org 832-204-5900