About Me: I am a female practicing lawyer. I am a member of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA). I am a citizen of Cameroon. In the course of my practice of law, I have met women of all works of life and have seen how they are being discriminated in just every area of life. When I joined FIDA it was anopportunity to educate women on their writes and how they can stand up for themselves.Each time i stand to talk onbehalf of women i do it with passion.The task is far from finish so this is another medium where the voices of the Cameroonian woman will be heard. I am proud to be a woman!

My Passions: To help elevate the socio-legal status of the woman

My Challenges: To deal with the customs that resist change

My Vision for the Future: To educate the custodians of customs

My Areas of Expertise: Women rights, Childrens rights


Your words are an inspiration. I believe that by you telling your story, one more voice may feel empowered to speak out and take a stand. I encourage you to reach out to other members, or start a dialogue by commenting on another journal entry. We only have a few members registered from Cameroon and so, are interested in hearing more from your beautiful country. I hope you will encourage your friends to join PulseWire so that we may learn more about the issues that women face in Cameroon. Here, you will find women who have dared to speak out and are making connections crossing oceans, continents, and cultural barriers to change the way we live. You are now a member of this vibrant community and I look forward to reading more about your passions, ideas, concerns and dreams. I know that you will find this to be a positive experience.

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I just wanted to say a quick 'hi there' and applaud you on your valuable work. Woman from all walks of live really do need to acknowledge each other. I believe being different is a good thing but we should never let those differences become a barrier. Congratulations on doing a great job and I look forward to reading more of your journal!