22 May 1982

hankie 14

My life has always been on crossroads … I am aware I could face only one road at a time - and follow only one direction Oftentimes it is easier to turn back to familiar sights and ever-welcoming people, To those which thoughts I have pushed into that corner of my heart where I keep such things as memories of childhood, affections for people long gone, and things best forgotten. Yet, I know all along that in that shrine of my being everything is always cherished and beyond-forgetting But, at the most inconvenient moments of my life, I have always acted against my heart’s desires Here you are, Just as I am seeing another crossroad beyond We would walk together for only a short while, though For fortunately (or unfortunately in a sense) for you, Your crossroad comes ahead And, as usual, I would have to cross mine on my own … * emie