WEB 2.0-Web 2.0 is a joint for women world wide,it is our Social club.It is very difficult to find a club where you can share your problems,archeivments,and ideal proposals with members and expect to get ginuine answers.Women on the move now have a resolution and a stress free club with a developement forcus.My mother did not get this opportunity of airing views and sharing common issues a woman faces.When i joined this Web 2.0,i was shying down my problems,i did not want to air them out in my stories,but when i got in to read from my fellow sisters i found out that women problems are similar and we are on discrimination even as far as the front desk.Web 2.0 is our home and our petition club,where else can we find this freedom.I APPRECIATE this web so much and my community-based project[ket wangi wordpress.com]now have hope,we are in a spirit of moving on with other women on this web,as the under served we have met our sisters who are happy and are ready to reply to our comments and mend where there is need.WEB 2.0 has improved my leadership in the community,i always read comments and views which are geniune and transparent.Where else can we find a club of this kind?Today i am happy to be back in School and i am taking it serious,i must make sure i do my asighnement,it does not matter whether i get it right or not,what i know is great,this is moving on with my fellow web 2.0 MEMBERS.Let us not let this super time in the class room go without our full participation,i love it.Finding a friend is not easy,our grand parents had true friends and they were there in the time of need,now we only have friends in good times but not when we are in need.This Web has proved to me that here we have good friends and they are there when we need them.Let us listen to our sister member story,these stories are thrilling,they keep us on the move and take us on to more.The world is full of corruption and nothing is done clean,here is where we can get it clean.I am so happy to say that there is no racism,no class and no ethnicity,i am so happy to quote this because my country Kenya cant move on because of ethnicity,now i have a place to fit in,a place to call a home.The Earth is such a small object and i know one day we the women of Web 2.0 will meet and rejoice on our progress and establishment of thi social net work.Women can do something if given the chance,here we should not wait for this chance but stand up and raise our voice and there we have it.I am so happy with our front desk,they are doing a good job,i am praying for them every day that they continue with this spirit,and may the Grace of the Lord give them more energy and wisdom to lead us.Thank you Emily AnyangoOdera

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I am glad that the internet has been such a blessing for you. It has proven to be such a great educational tool that helps so many develop their ideas, wants, and hopes. It is a way for us, as an international community, to share and collaborate on our passion for a better and more equal future. Your writing, here on PulseWire, has been amazing and gives such great and positive energy on womens rights, it gives the internet an important purpose.

Hello Carri, Thank you again,we are on the move with our fellow sisters world wide.Greetings from my Community based project. members,See me in google-http//ketwangi wordpress.com. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you,Amen. Love with peace, Emily

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Dear Emily,

It's nice to read your pragmatic and honest views. I agree that women everywhere face similar challenges and must unite to speak for themselves and others.

Best wishes and success for your important work and writing.

Warmth and love, Pushpa

Thank you very much for keeping me warm in your sweet genuine encouragement,thank you.I am here for this,when i meet a warm spirit like yours,i keep going,though at times the going gets tough,but with sweet comforting remarks like this one gives me strength to move on.May the Almighty GOD GRANT YOU HIS PEACE.Amen.See me in google-http//ketwangi wordpress.com. Love with peace, Emily.

ketwangi orphanage and learning center Kisumu Kenya

Hello Emily, I really enjoyed reading your piece and really sensed your energy and enthusiasm for the subject. Thank you for writing such an enthusiastic and insightful piece into what social media means to you and to women around the world.


Yours, Julie


Hello Julie, You have given me a step forward.Thank you very much,your words gives ket wangi Widows and orphans a spirit of love and togetherness,may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.Amen. See me in google-http/ketwangi wordpress.com Love with Peace , Emily

ketwangi orphanage and learning center Kisumu Kenya