Ket wangi widows and orphans women group was founded to take care of Orphans and Poor old Widows who are over 65 years of age and have no one to turn to..It was founded without any plan and it was due to Post Election violence of 2007-2008.So many parents to my orphans died and already there was the drastic death from HIV AIDS.I gave out my small garden beneath my home for farming and we had sugarcane all the years.Now I decided to get my group to participate in healing the world.I introduced to them tree planting around the home and we always advertise a day for Tree planting and we invite also none Members to attend.Of late I discovered that soup has to have spices to taste,now when we invite we advertise a day of healing to Mother Nature and appreciating God's work by celebrating the day with Barbecue and soft drinks.People really come in large numbers and we plant trees around the home and weed the growing ones.This is what we should do meanwhile we raise our voices to change the world.We will never change the world if Mother Nature is dead.Let us do this and spread the word of respect to nature,this is the Almighty God's Will to man after Creation.We were given a responsibility to take care of Nature and name everything,this means we are to attend to them as we attend to our children.See how we are doing it with the Women Group and the Orphans of Ket Wang i in the photos below.Meet us live at;;-http// Emily

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Thank you for being so green and teaching others and also helping them to become green. I could never be short of a comment for any effort targeted at restoring and or sustaining our Eco-System. The article as well as the pictures you shared tell a very inspiring, stimulating story of how Mother Nature is blessed to have a visionary like you; as well as the Orphans and Aged Widows who are committed to and support you in promoting Nature's Cause. I hear Mother nature Whisper: " Thank you Emily for your Generous Tender Care"!

In warm embrace and solidarity, Greengirl

Thank you for the applaud,you are so sweet in your words.The whispers of mother nature is so sweet and consoling in the morning and in the evenings,I can not do without green vegetation.This is the most important giving I can put in my Community and instill to my children at the orpanage,they will live with it and will give to the World.My sister; giving has Blessings than receiving.What we leave when we go matters than what we take when we join our great grands. Love, Emily

ketwangi orphanage and learning center Kisumu Kenya

Dear Emily,

Thank you for being who you are. Your article and pictures are so multi-layered and provide so many services of humanity improvement that I do not even know what to say. The energy from the picrures flows to all of us.

You have inspired me. Keep up the good work. My prayers for favor are with you.

Ubuntu(I am who I am because of who we are together),


Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Dear Emily,

I loved reading about the work that you're doing in honoring Mother Earth and seeing the beautiful pictures you shared! Beautifying our natural environment by planting trees and flowers nourishes our spirits and rejuvenates us at the same time it honors the earth and all its inhabitants. Thanks for giving this gift to your community and instilling the value of respect and caring for the earth to children. What beautiful work you're doing!

With love, Susan

______________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." -Hafiz

Thank you so much my sister, What should we give to our children?We should give what we know is good and will benefit them in their lives.Honoring the Environment should be number 1, this is a legend to be passed on to one Generation and to another,it is living and will keep our Mother' the Earth living on.God's creation is the most steady and promising,Amen!!!!!! Love, Emily

ketwangi orphanage and learning center Kisumu Kenya

Dear Emily,

It is what nature and God expects from us as humans. I wholeheartedly appreciate your noble efforts. I will also initiate similar steps in our area.

V. Franklin

Thank you so much,this should be the order of the day to everybody.Nobody want to see nature fading;we all want a beautiful world with a glowing vegetation which soothes our souls and seeing God's paradise with us,Amen!!!! Emily

ketwangi orphanage and learning center Kisumu Kenya