About Me: I am a young Nigerian that works as a facilitator for a non-profit organization called Girls' Power Initiative (GPI), Nigeria where we run trainings for girls between the ages of 10 - 18 years on Leadership, Personal Empowerment and Life Management Skills.

My Passions: Music, Books and issues on Repriductive and Sexual Health and Rights

My Challenges: Living my life as a grown single adult

My Vision for the Future: A society free from patriachy and discrimination


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Dear Emyeyo,

What a meaningful work you are doing with GPI! We are thrilled to welcome you to PulseWire – our thriving community of grassroots women leaders and supporters of women's initiatives. Thank you so much for joining us! Feel free to explore the community deeper. You are welcome to post as many journal entries as you would like, comment on other people’s entries, join groups you find interesting, find new friends ... and have fun!

Welcome again, Emyeyo! We look forward to learning more about you.

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Emyeyo!, thanks a lot for joining my circle of friends here at WP. That's a job well-done, sister ... making it to the runners-up! Remember there were almost 600 partricipants in 87 countries! Do you know right now I'm still floating in the clouds for making it to the VOF 2010!!! It's real incredulous!!! And, yes, you have to hold my hand in this new and greater hurdle. I need you all to make it through! In the first place, it was your support and inspiration that has kept me going until now in this beautiful community of ours! All the best for us ...

Congratulations again and hope you can step down your learning experience during the process. Best regards and dnt forget am still holding your hands. Are you on facebook? I would love to add you there too!!!


Wow, Emyeyo, so you're at Facebook, too! That's amazing! Please do invite me! We're exchanging notes with some WP members who are at FB, too! It's great and it's cool to be connected both ways! My user name is Emilia Zozobrado. Aimee Knight, Fungai, Olutosin, Achieng Beatrice, Dayanara, Abella, Erose, Sarvina, Ruth Beedle - we are already having fun at FB. In fact, I have been chatting with a few of them! Please do join us! All the best ...

Always, Emie Zozobrado